Figuring Out the Current State of Water Supply and ASSAINISSEMENT ÎLE DE FRANCE

Whether you talk about the aristocratic fashion of Paris and Versailles, the fragrant countryside farms of Provence, the serene Mediterranean coastline of Côte d’Azur, or the land of fairy tales Châteaux, France never fails to mesmerize the visitors with its charm. Your bucket list would surely be incomplete without “Tour de France” and the country justifies every bit of this!

But is this precious gem of the world as beautiful for its residents as it seems to the people outside it? Is France able to meet its water supply and sanitation requirements? How are regions like ÎLE DE FRANCE keeping their sanitation updated?

The article elaborates on the current position of water supply and ASSAINISSEMENT ÎLE DE FRANCE and how’re private firms assisting in keeping France clean and sanitized.

Water Supply and Sanitation in France – A Glimpse

The luxurious lifestyle of the French people will surely deprive you of thinking that such an elite country could suffer from problems like water shortage, poor water quality, or lack of sanitation. Well, that’s true if you consider the urban landscape, an overview of which is given below.

  • According to the statistics, the majority of the French population living in urban areas has access to clean water.
  • Looking at the data from 2014, nearly 98% of the urban dwellers had complete access to clean water
  • This has been an impressive increase when compared to 2012 as the government could make clean water accessible to 280,000 more people.
  • Out of this, 95% of the French households got a legally conformed water supply.

Water and Sanitation – The Rural Landscape

Almost the whole of the urban French population had complete access to clean water. But is the scenario so impressive throughout France? Sadly, no! Here is a concise report of what water supply and sanitation in rural France look like.

  • 5 million people in France’s rural areas, especially in eastern and southern regions drink contaminated water
  • The primary reason behind this contamination is exposure to nitrates, pesticides, and livestock manure. Other factors include lime and natural radioactive chemicals.
  • In 2012, the contamination rate in these areas fell to 35%

Private Contribution to Water and Sanitation

Private firms like Absorbex have been among the most trusted private firms for ASSAINISSEMENT ÎLE DE FRANCE and many other parts of France. The firm not only specializes in treating and maintaining individual waste, but also master in other services like pipeline, micro-treatment plant, and much more.

The efforts of the firm have helped a dramatic number of individuals gain access to clean water and healthy living conditions through efficient wastewater management, rainwater harvesting, agricultural reuse, and much more.

The Final Thoughts

Clean water is a right of every individual but not everyone has access to it. Depending solely on government is not an intelligent decision, making firms like Absorbex a lifesaver. We recommend you contacting the firm if you find your environment not healthy enough and take the first step towards a healthy future.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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