Ufa Online Sports Betting Glossary

UFA is known widely for the online football betting services that they offer to their players. It is the most reliable platform for the same. However, every online sports betting has certain terminology associated with them and new players often get confused with the which may also affect their betting games. We bring to you the most common terms associated with online football betting at UFA for better understanding:

1) Accumulator – It is a stake made in UFA that consists of four or more selections. All four predictions must be accurate for you to win the bets.

2) Banker – It is a common football betting option in UFA. To win a huge reward, the bettor should raise a high stake.

3) Bet – It is the process in UFA of exchanging currencies for the correct prediction of the online football match

4) Bookmaker/Bookie- It is the online betting corporation or stage that is authorised to deal with all the activities of online football betting.

5) BTTS- It stands for ‘both teams to score. In this circumstance, both football teams are credited to a goal. 

6) Combination Bet – This term signifies that a player can make more than one bet on every decision. This also helps the players from not losing their accumulator due to one incorrect decision.

7) Double Bet – It is the accumulator bet, in which a player can raise stakes on two selections.

8)  Double Chance Bet –In this circumstance, the sportsbook reduces the sport result from three choices of away win, home win or draw to just two choices of either draw or home win/draw or away win.

9) Draw No Bet – In this circumstance, the result of online sports betting becomes ineffective due to the draw of the match.

10)  Evens in betting – In this online football betting in UFABTE, the player believes that the result of the game may be a 50-50 and thus the winning amount is equivalent to the wager amount.

11) First Goal Scorer – It is the player who makes the first goal in the match.

12) First half Bet- The bet is made in the first half of the game in UFA.

13) Half Time Bet- The bet is made on the result after the first half of the game in UFA.

14) Handicap – When the bookmaker in the UFA, gives the head start to the underdog of the game. This can completely change the result of the game. Th

15) Independent Arbitration Betting Service– The IBAS is a licensed agreement dictate that resolves any conflict that may occur between the bookmakers and the bettors.

16) Last Goal scorer – It is the athlete who secures the last goal in the match, excluding the extra time and penalties.

17) Monkey – It is slang that stands for 500 pounds.

18) Multiples/Accumulators – You can raise more than one bet simultaneously.

These are just some common terms that are associated with online football betting at UFA.



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