Digital Service Records

At Mazda they no more possess a book for the service history, they now want to make sure that any service work you have transported out at certainly one of their retailers is safely and precisely documented. For this reason they’ve created a digital service record. Referred to as your ‘Digital Service Report’, this latest method of storing your vehicle’s service history is definitely on-line, and could be utilized through any one of their Retailers.

So how can this be good and why can you need it, surely this seems like some draconian measure implemented by power happy vehicle manufacturer set on global automotive domination? Sure there are several lower sides, but really it is extremely advisable, continue reading to find why and just what benefits it may have for who owns an automobile.

Lost Your History?

Your vehicle’s service history is upon their secure central database. Should you mislay your individual digital service print, they are able to check and re-print your merchandise history for you personally, or maybe needed, they are able to rapidly determine whether your vehicle’s warranty terms still apply.

Moving Somewhere?

In the event you require your merchandise history although abroad or if you want to make use of a different Mazda Store within the United kingdom, your vehicle’s service history could be deliver to you and will also be maintained by in our franchised outlets around the world.

Added Value?

The scope of labor performed in your vehicle, along with the mileage during the time of workshop visit, are precisely recorded. Because the records can’t be tampered with, you’ve additional reassurance if you’re investing in a used Mazda vehicle having a full Mazda Store service history. If you opt to sell your Mazda they may also offer you your documented service history to boost the automobile purchase.

Only one huge advantage of this isn’t just Mazda that may keep your digital service record current, but smaller sized non Mazda garages too, all they need to do is make an application for this selection, totally free, when they do a service in your Mazda, they are able to improve your Digital Service Record (DSR).



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