What Are The Main Items To Check In Your Car?

Now that you know that maintenance is essential get to know the items in your car that deserve regular attention. Read More (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai)


Tire service can be done directly by you. Try to observe their condition whenever you go out in the car. If you notice excessive signs of wear, blisters, or other problems, look for a tire repairer. Also, be sure to hire alignment and balancing services on the dates recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Headlights And Taillights

Another review you can do yourself is the lights. As the vehicle’s headlights and taillights are safety items, ensuring their entire operation is mandatory. To do this, regularly check that all lights in the car are working and all lights in the car are working and immediately replace any defective ones. The measurement also applies to arrow flags.


This liquid (based on ethylene glycol) is found in the car radiator and is responsible for cooling the engine and ensuring its correct operation, preventing overheating problems. You should never ride in a car with a coolant problem. To ensure everything is correct, check the water level frequently and clean the system annually.

Radiator Water

The vehicle’s cooling system works in balance, leaving the engine in a temperature range that promotes its proper functioning: 90º C. Yes, that recommendation about paying attention to the water level in the radiator is accurate. But the point is that it is not just liquid but demineralized water. Deprived of mineral salts, this type of water is conducive to undergoing the desired chemical reactions. Ideally, half of the radiator reservoir should contain the ethylene glycol additive, while demineralized water should fill the rest.

Engine Oil

Another essential component for maintaining the good condition of the engine is the oil. It is no wonder that changing this fluid is one of the most frequent revisions of the car, as it must be carried out every 6 months. Check the reservoir level weekly and ensure you constantly replace the oil with the brand indicated in the manufacturer’s manual.

Spark Plugs

Replacing these elements is not related to improving your car’s driving safety. The problem is that faulty spark plugs cause an increase in fuel consumption. At the same time, performance is often compromised. These consequences derive from the fragile sparks produced by worn-out spark plugs, which interfere with combustion.

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