Tips On The Use And Conservation Of Safety Shoes

To have the necessary safety at work, you need to choose the ideal shoe for your activity. In addition, you must use it correctly and take care of the conservation of safety shoes.

It is essential to use footwear suitable for the purpose for which it is intended and the risks involved in the activity. Correct numbering is also essential, as if it is too tight or too loose, it can cause problems and even minimize protection.

Another point to note is that you should never modify your safety shoes. Because when making any change, the protection characteristics can be harmed, and the shoe automatically loses its Certificate of Approval (CA).

It is also recommended to use the shoes alternately for greater durability, leaving a pair open for at least 24 hours. This way, the shoes breathe and allow the perspiration accumulated throughout the day to be released into the air, preventing the appearance of fungi, bacteria, and bad smells.

We’ve already seen some general tips. Below, we’ll pass on some information for the use and conservation of safety shoes, considering the material with which they are manufactured. Each material has its characteristics and needs some different care. Click here for More info (ดูเพิ่ม which is the term in Thai)


The cleaning of a leather shoe must be done with a cloth slightly damp with water on the outside, and inside, a cloth with alcohol can be used to sanitize. The insoles can be removed and washed naturally with soap and water. If you want to use any product for cleaning, use only those specific for leather with the aid of a natural or synthetic bristle brush.

The shoes must be dried at room temperature and in the shade, in cool and airy places. Never expose shoes to intense heat, as attempts to speed up drying damage the sole, hardening it and favoring its breakage due to the loss of flexibility.

After cleaning and with the shoes completely dry, applying grease or wax with gauze is recommended to prevent dryness, breakage, and peeling of the leather; after using the product, buff the shoes with a clean cloth or a soft bristle brush. This procedure helps keep the leather hydrated and can be done once a week.


The PVC boot is a waterproof shoe and has some recommendations for its use. Even having an internal lining, which helps in the absorption and desorption of sweat, it is recommended to wear cotton socks, which reduce the bad smell and accumulation of sweat. Also, the sock helps prevent contact dermatitis.

Cleaning can be done with detergent and water, both internally and externally. Leave the boot in the shade and at room temperature for drying, avoiding sunlight or artificial heat. But if you need to use it, you can dry it with a paper towel.

It is essential to follow these recommendations, as the boot may lose its protective effectiveness if exposed to excessive heat or cold and if cleaning is carried out with petroleum products in high concentrations.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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