Pointers in Putting Importance On your period underwear nz

Menstruation on women is normal and unescapable that is the reason why menstrual products in the market are being produced to help women of all ages, young and old to feel comfortability as they go through this process. Some women do not enjoy their menstrual periods because of how their chosen menstrual products bring discomfort to them but as technology developed a good alternative which is the use of period underwear is produced in the market today. Period Underwear is a good choice for anyone who is having a bad day during their menses days, it has good absorbent tampons inside that give a positive feeling despite the blood flows. Below, are the necessary guides for a woman like you who is not yet switching to period underwear nz.Here are as follows:

The Period Underwear Pointers

  • Find your right fit.

When it comes to choosing the right size of period underwear for you, there are two types of it to remember:  the absorbent one which is advisable for a heavier flow and, the less absorbent that is good for lighter flows. Today, there are a lot of brands available in the market, they offer different sizes that are best for anyone looking for it. As expected, they have varied colors and designs that match your interest and fondness when it comes to picking the right period underwear for you.

  • Know the number of pairs you need for your whole period of days.

If it’s your first time trying out period underwear then probably, you need to have experimentation on how many pairs of undies you need for the type of flows you have. Honestly, using period underwear saves you a lot since you can wash and re-use it in every menstruation you have. Having two pairs of this period underwear every day is enough to use because it has a good absorbent pad that stops you from worrying about any possible leaks.

Steps In Taking Good Care Your Period Underwear


Step 1: Soak and rinse your period underwear.

As you remove your period underwear, soak it in cold water then rinse it after.

Step 2: Wash it well.

Use a mild detergent in washing your period underwear for both machine wash and hand-wash. Be sure to remove all the blood being absorbed by the pads inside to clean it well.

Step 3: Dry

It is advised to hang it to dry up to have a normal dry period and also to maintain the quality of the fabric used in the underwear.

Step 4:  Possible Treat

If you are worried about stains or bad odor caused by the blood flows then that is not a problem, period underwear is made to be stain-resistant and has a normal scented odor but if you want assurance for your safety, you can soak them in a vinegar and water solution to stop your worries behind.

In all products we buy and use, the necessity of taking good care of them is demanded because we are the only person who’ll be going to suffer at the end of the day. May those above guides help you in making your menstruation experience easy and healthy.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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