A look into the procedure of applying for the police check

Online police have become in trend these days, and everyone finds this very convenient and good source of getting help from police. You need not go anywhere ad you will get police protection just by sitting at your home. They offer you so many facilities which can be used by you for your safety. They even have installed some features and technical things in it, which helps them to survey the area in which you are living, and they will automatically get the report of criminals. This facility of police check nsw crimecheckaustralia.com.au/police-check-nsw/ has become number one in the world, and Australian police are on the top just because of this.

Earlier, you have to go to the police station or have to call them for getting help. But now, this system has been changed, and police check online has given you the facility of just pressing a button in your device, which will help police to reach you and save you from the hazardous situation. Applying for a police check has two methods, online and offline. Online methods have been found to be more convenient for people as they can apply from anywhere, and they need not go to the police station repeatedly for the process. Let’s discuss the fee structure of the registration in the police.

Fee structure for registration

  • When you apply for the police check online, you will see two application there; You have to fill the first application first. If you are applying through the online process, then you have to fill it on your own on the website itself. If you are going for the offline process, then you have to visit the police station, and they will give you the application for filling it. Along with the first application, you have to pay $42.
  • After filling the first application, you have to move towards the second application. The second application includes a biometric in it, and you have to pass it. If you do not pass the biometric, then your application will be rejected. The biometric includes fingerprint checking and uploading, which has to be attached with the application. You have to pay $99 with this application. 
  • Then comes the third application, which is similar to the second application. In this application also, you have to give your fingerprints and fill an application. There is a slight change in the format of the application, and it is not the same as the second application. Along with this application, you have to pay $139.


All the applications need to be filled correctly, and the information filled in them should be accurate and matched with your certified documents. You will be offered every possible payment option for paying the fees, and every debit and credit card is accepted by them.



To sum up, we conclude that online police check is a great facility given by the Australian police. The Australian police are the first to do this, but you need to pay for this fantastic service. The fee structure of applying for an online police check has been discussed above; go through it.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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