5 Steps In The Journey Of Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation

When you get yourself trapped in drug abuse addiction, it could be tough to get out of it on your own. And trust us, during our work life, we have come across people who had severe issues and used to do hard drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. And it was a life-or-death situation for them, but with personalized care and treatment programs, most of them are successfully living an addiction-free life.

At recovery centers of America, we assure you that one-time treatment would be a life-changing experience for you or your loved ones. Any individual who is a drug addict can go through 5 different stages during the rehab treatment, which includes pre-contemplation, contemplation, mental preparation, actions, and maintenance of the detox. However, once the mental work is done, consisting of the first two stages, the rest can be achieved easily.

Precontemplation Is Common – 4 Types Of Pre-Contemplation 

Precontemplation is common with people who haven’t seen the adverse effects of their addiction. They might not be ready to admit that their addiction is harmful or even that they are addicted. This makes them ignorant, and they are not ready to listen to anyone’s advice or quit the drug. Generally, there are four types of pre-contemplation seen among addicts, which are as follows.

  • The first one is when the person lacks the motivation to change or quit and even has no awareness of their addiction.
  • Then there are others who know that they are addict but are not ready to give up on their behavior and gets rebellious when advised.
  • Some people have given up on the hope of changing or don’t believe that they can ever get rid of their addiction.
  • And, some others think that the drug isn’t harmful to them and that they don’t need to detox at all.

Contemplation Of The Problem And Mind Makeup For A Change

But if a person realizes that they are addicted and need to get rid of it, then they have reached the next stage, which is contemplation. However, in this stage, too, most of the process is happening in the thoughts. But, if they get proper motivation and reasons to quit, it could lead to promising results.

So, at this stage, the social circle of friends and family of the person has a crucial role in motivating the addict to join rehab centers.

Actions Are The Only Part That Brings The Real Change 

As soon as the addict is ready, they should contact the recovery centers of America and book an appointment to seek professional help and guidelines on how the rehab process will work. Since the person is mentally prepared to detox, the physical work would be handled or supported by experts at the rehab program.

Moreover, people get various choices such as inpatient programs, outpatient programs, neighborhood treatment programs, etc., that are designed by a professional team of advisors for the ease of patients. You will get more details about these programs and other services from experts on your appointment as well.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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