X1 Football Helmet Incorporates New Technology to Safeguard Players From Concussions

Lots of attention continues to be compensated towards the risks of concussions in football because the dying of former National football league defensive back Andre Waters and also the discharge of a study that indicated concussions were associated with depression in ex-National football league players. Individuals occurrences have brought the National football league to attempt several new initiatives and, nationwide, football programs in the high-school to professional levels take a far more positive method of stopping mind injuries. An old Harvard quarterback and the innovative company will also be adding towards the cause using their newest invention – the X1 football helmet.

The X1 may be the product of Xenith LLC, a business established in 2004 by Vincent Ferrara – a Harvard quarterback within the mid-90s along with a graduate of Columbia’s business and medical schools. Ferrara founded Xenith using the mission of evolving safety and activity through innovation and education, and the organization is presently focusing the majority of its attention on finding methods to reduce concussions through new technology. A lot of we’ve got the technology Xenith is promoting to date is featured within the X1, which includes a cutting-edge mind protection system not presently observed in every other helmet. The machine is known as Xenith Adaptive Mind Protection(TM), and it is made up of patent pending “Aware-Flow(TM) Shocks” along with a new fitting method referred to as “Fit Seeker(TM)”. Based on Xenith, the combined effect of the technologies is made to lessen the risk and harshness of concussions along with other traumatic brain injuries.

Here is how the machine works: the X1 is outfitted with 18 Aware-Flow Shocks embedded between your outer covering from the helmet along with a flexible interior mind piece. Each shock absorber is really a lightweight, hollow disk produced from thermoplastic urethane, having a small hole within the center that enables air to circulate out and in. Unlike the froth in standard football helmets, the shocks respond differently to high, medium and occasional impacts. The disks absorb a minimal-impact hit by gradually letting air out and compressing. However with a far more powerful (high-impact) hit, air pressure within the disk creates greater resistance – slowing lower the rate where the disks compress even more. The general reason for the X1’s cushioning product is to lessen the sudden movements from the mind that frequently cause concussions. Meanwhile, the “Fit Seeker” component assures the helmet does not go flying off during impact.

Lately, the X1 football helmet received approval in the National Operating Committee on Standards for Sports Equipment (NOCSAE) – a nonprofit organization that commissions research and tries to establish standards for sports equipment. Not sure yet on if the National football league is searching into this latest technology, or once the X1 is going to be readily available for retail purchase.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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