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Practical Tricks On Increasing Free Instagram Followers 2021

Instagram is a very huge marketing tool that is being used by so many businesses and popular celebrities to advance their brands and agendas. However, using Instagram comes with its own shortcomings. One month you may be enjoying a lot of followership and the next you are your followers are fleeing from you like the plague. When you see this happening to you, don’t worry because it is a fairly normal thing that happens to many other people out there. In fact, losing followers is something that Instagram expects to happen and there are studies that indicate that accounts start to lose followers at some point in time.

Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing if you are losing followers and why unless you pay attention to this event yourself. Instagram will not assist you with this because they do not release in-app user statistics to let you know what is happening in your account. However, you can pay attention to certain trends in your account to stay in the know.

Can Instagram cause you to lose followers?

When many people start to lose followers, they start to question if Instagram (the company) is doing it to them. well, it is possible for Instagram to cause its users to lose followers, but there must be a very good reason for that. For instance, if you obtained your followers by buying low-quality Instagram Follower kaufen,, then it is very possible that Instagram could be removing them when it catches them. Instagram has algorithms that regularly weed out fake followers and fake accounts from the platform and as such, you could be losing your followership because of that.

Secondly, Instagram can cause you to lose followers if they shadowban you because of going against their terms of service. Instagram reserves the right to shadowban any user that goes against their terms of service any time they want according to their policies. When you are shadowbanned, it means that your account will not be visible to the public and that can cause your followers to unfollow you.

Instagram isn’t making you lose followers

If you are not going against Instagram’s policies in any way, there is no way that they can cause you to lose followers on the platform. Some people often think that they are losing followers because of some kind of a glitch in the app, but that is never the case. Instagram is a professional company that has been in the tech industry for a very long time and if there is something wrong with their app, they will always know and correct it before the public even realizes. As such, if you are losing followers, it is upon you to find the cause and rectify it because Instagram wants you to gain as much followers as you can to grow your business and make it money. Thus, they have no reason to curtail your growth.

Last words…

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