What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is a facility provided by government, but the insurance is provided with the help of private companies. If you are eligible for Medicare plans, you can opt for any plan which suits best to your needs and with Medicare original plans, you can easily have access to the hospital visits and doctors’ consultation free of cost. In this article, we will focus our direction towards identifying the differences between Medicaid and Medicare. These both are slightly different things Medicare will provide you with insurance while Medicaid is a facility in which you will get a subsidy from the government and the charges of medical treatments, consultations and medicines will be reduced to a great extent.

Eligibility criteria of both:

If you are looking to get registered with Medicare advantage plans 2022, your eligibility criteria will be quite different than that of the Medicaid. You will find more people eligible for Medicaid as compared to Medicare. In Medicare, people who are above sixty-five years of age are eligible. However, there are certain expectations to this general rule and a person with end stage renal disorder can register himself with Medicare at any time point. Eligibility criteria of Medicaid is similar in terms of age but there are many other people who can claim the benefit under this scheme and these persons include:

  • A child who is under nineteen years of age
  • A lady who is pregnant and has no support
  • A person who is spending life with a disability
  • A parent who is looking after a child and he / she has low means of earning


Coverage of benefits under both these plans differ a lot. Medicare is divided into different parts and you can pick any part depending on your budget and / or requirements. If you think that your health is simply fine and you need to get insured for a certain thing, you can go for a specific part of the Medicare plan. For instance, you can just pick the Medicare part B to get consultation from doctors which is free of cost. Some people find it hard to pay for the prescribed medicines. If you have a lot of medicines to buy on a regular basis, you should go with the part D of Medicare insurance.

On the other hand, if you subscribe for the Medicaid facility, you will get subsidy in the payment of health charges in several different conditions and in several ways. With the help of Medicaid, you can visit doctors who are on the panel and can get yourself checked without paying the hefty fees and dues. Hospital stays are also covered in this facility and you can also use this facility to pay quite a low charge for preventive care treatments. Mental health care is not included in Medicare plans, however it is well covered here and with the help of Medicaid you can get advice from psychologists and the charges will be reduced to provide you the benefit.



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