What are the various terms to beware of before playing slot machine games?

The online gambling industry has no limitations on the varieties of games used. So, you could find thousands of games available online in almost all categories and levels. However, only a handful of games from this lot alone would get recognition among the players and they would only be played widely. Slot games are such varieties played all over the world. You can play slot machine games in almost all casinos. Since it is easy to play slot games like Joker slot, almost all beginners are preferring this variety of games to others. Although you need not understand any complex gameplay or rules before playing the game, you should know the commonly used terms and their meanings. Let us discuss some vital terms every slot game player should know before playing a slot machine game in brief. 

Terms to beware of before playing slot machine games

Reel slots – These are the slot games that would let the player choose a character from three available reels. The player should choose any one character and those characters should end up below the fixed pay line for him to win. Unlike video slots, the player need not choose a pay line as active as there would only be one pay line. These are traditional slots and casinos do not offer this anymore. 

Video slots – These slots will have five reels with a minimum of nine pay lines. Since the numbers are higher than reel slots, you could not win these games easily. Also, you should choose one pay line from the available numbers to check the winning character. All other pay lines would not contribute to the game anymore. As the chances are low to guess the right character, you could get a higher payout if you win. 

Progressive slots – An ordinary reel or video slot would contain a fixed winning amount. However, a progressive slot game will have an increasing winning amount known as Jackpot. It will develop its size until a player takes it. Every player joining the casino would be contributing to this development with a portion of their bet amounts. 

RTP – RTP is the percentage of the wagered amount that will not get lost even if there are few losing matches for the player in the long run. If the RTP of a particular slot machine is 95%, the player who is playing in the same slot for several dollars would get 95% of his wagering back as winnings in few matches. So, you should find a slot machine with a higher RTP always. 

Loose slots – As the name suggests, these slots are considered looses as the players would not lose more of their money. The bet requirements will be small and you will not bother even if you lose the game. 

Coin size – The number of coins you need to buy to play a single slot machine game is known as the coin size. If the coin size is more, you would have to pay a lot. 

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