What are the dos and don’ts of the Vatican dress code?

Vatican Dress Code Explained | Clothing Rules for Men, Women & KidsThere is a strict Vatican dress code that visitors must abide by. Visitors cannot wear shorts, t-shirts, hot pants, or skirts without covering their knees. Visitors should also wear long-sleeved shirts, as long as the top does not reveal their legs. Even though it’s tempting to wear a mini-skirt or a crop top, this type of outfit is not allowed inside the Vatican.

To follow dress code for the vatican, women should wear clothes that cover their upper arms and knees. This may seem harsh, but the Vatican is considered sacred ground, and guards won’t let visitors into the churches unless they follow the dress code. In addition to a dress code, the Vatican sells shawls and other pieces of clothing to keep visitors warm. However, it is still considered inappropriate to wear a hat inside the chapel.

In warmer months, women should wear sleeveless shirts and blouses with sleeves or a light shawl to cover their shoulders. Men can wear shorts if they don’t cover their knees, but visitors should avoid tank tops. If shorts aren’t appropriate, women should wear long pants or a blazer. While a t-shirt is acceptable, women should avoid tight skirts and shorts.

In addition to the dos and don’ts, visitors should follow the rules of the Vatican dress code. Specifically, women should wear dresses or skirts with sleeves. Men should wear shirts with sleeves and short sleeves. However, they shouldn’t wear flip-flops or sandals. Moreover, people should keep their shoulders covered and their midriff covered. This is because the Vatican dress code is extremely strict, and exposing them can lead to a blatant violation of the rules.

Kim Kardashian West recently made a trip to the Vatican City; however, despite the stringent regulations about appropriate attire for visitors to the Vatican, the pop diva chose to wear a dress made of sheer white lace with cutouts at the shoulders. According to a witness who was there during the excursion, Kardashian hid her body inside the chapel by wearing a black leather jacket, but she did not cover her hips. Kim Kardashian West did not violate the dress rule that is required to be shot inside the Vatican, unlike several other celebrities who have been photographed there.

Visitors should not come wearing flip-flops, other casual sandals, or shoes with heels. Weapons, metal tools, large umbrellas, and video recording equipment are not allowed inside the Vatican City State for security reasons. Inside the Vatican, taking photographs is allowed, but not in the Sistine Chapel where it is strictly prohibited. Any photographer who is discovered engaging in this activity runs the risk of being jailed and possibly spending time in a Vatican cell. The Vatican has the highest number of police officers in relation to its population, and it also contains a prison.

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