What are different available options For LGBTQ+ Rights?

Every single day, we see new headlines about LGBTQ people being attacked, discriminated against, or threatened because of who they are. It’s no wonder that many of us feel anxious and afraid for our friends and family now more than ever. But while these attacks can feel like they’re growing more frequent and intense by the day, they actually represent a long-term strategy to destroy our community. 

The reason is simple: with every attack comes another opportunity to grow and unite as a whole community. In order to protect ourselves and future generations from these attacks, we must take steps to end them once and for all. That’s why fighting for LGBTQ+ rights is so important right now. Here are four good reasons why you should support equality — even if you aren’t directly affected by them yet.


Equality Makes Us Stronger

The LGBTQ+ community is a diverse and colorful one, just like any other. But the lack of equal rights means that this diversity is often overshadowed by the samesex couples and families that are most in the spotlight. Even so, we’re more than just samesex couples. Agenda PAC Website also a diverse group of people who come from many different backgrounds, and have many unique talents and perspectives to add to society. 

Equality would allow us to celebrate this diversity more openly and honestly. It would let us feel free to express our true selves without fear of discrimination. In fact, we’d be able to find other people who understand our struggles and support us fully. This is a critical part of growing up as an LGBT person: finding other people who have been there too and can show you the way out.


It Protects Everyone From Discrimination

In 2017, the U.S. census reported that the population of LGBTQ+ people is 13%, with nearly half of the population being under the age of 34. This is not something that just happened. It is the result of a persistent and long-term discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. It has taken many forms over the years, from laws that criminalize same-sex relations to social attitudes that show discomfort toward LGBTQ+ people. 

As we fight for equality, we must protect our community from such discrimination. In fact, this type of discrimination is common in many parts of the world. It’s no coincidence that these countries also have some of the worst rates of violence against LGBTQ+ people — or that they also lack equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community.


It Helps Us Grow As A Community

The LGBTQ+ community has been facing a number of attacks over the past few years, and as a result, many people are feeling isolated and alone. The violence often feels like it’s happening to you alone. But that’s not how it has to be. You don’t have to experience it all by yourself. Each time the community comes together to support one another, we grow stronger and more united. 

It’s important to remember that we are all in this together. Additionally, these attacks can also serve to remind us what we stand for. That’s because we may forget about the importance of our values and vision for the future. But every time an attack hits, we have a chance to talk about what’s important. That is true for all communities, including the LGBTQ+ community.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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