Ways To Take Care Of Your Watches

Anyone who is wearing the accessory daily knows how challenging it can be to keep the watch free from scratches, dirt and always working. It is necessary, for example, to leave the leather straps well away from wet places, remove the accessory when washing the dishes or taking a shower and choose the most suitable model for the occasion (when playing an impact sport, sports models with a rubber strap and simplified system are the most recommended) to avoid damages and losses.

#1 – Every Four Years (Or When Necessary), Do Maintenance

Just like any accessory you constantly use in your day to day; your watch needs periodic maintenance to ensure its proper functioning and prevent unforeseen events from happening when you least expect it. Ideally, the watchmaker should participate at least once every four years for a “checkout” for safety. In addition to ensuring that everything is (and remains) fine, the professional is also the best person to clean the piece, both outside and inside, where the mechanism is delicate and more susceptible to suffering over time.

#2 – Be Careful With Possible Shocks And Collisions In Everyday

It is common for us to be so used to the watch like Rolex GMT on our wrist that, in the rush of everyday life, we forget to take the utmost care with the accessory and end up hitting the most diverse surfaces (walls, table, etc.), which can cause severe scratches. In addition to taking away some of its beauty, these small and seemingly innocent impacts can damage the watch’s interior, which has many small and fragile pieces. It is worth adopting some more prudent measures with the watch to avoid this damage, especially an expensive one.

#3 – Whenever Going To Set The Time, Remove The Wristwatch

It is best to do so with the piece off your wrist whenever you need to set the time on your watch (for example, when traveling to a different time zone than usual). This is because changing the pointers or configuration of the accessory while it is still on the arm can interfere with its precision and increase the risk of dirtying it with body oils. When it comes to digital watches, you should also remember never to set them between 9:00 pm, and 3:00 am, as this could damage them. The tip is also valid for watches with annual or perpetual calendars.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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