Vital terms and explanations that will be helpful in online slots

Casinos on the web, like lsm99 provide you with a variety of games to win money. One of these games is the slot machine game that will require no skills from you. You could easily play these popular games with a slight knowledge about the rules and processes. You should know the following terms and explanations to begin your slot machine career. 

Glossary of slot machine games

Pay line – If you have a look at the slot machines, either a physical one or an online machine, you could find some horizontal lines hanging over the reels. There may be either only one line or several lines depending on the type of slot. This horizontal line is known as a pay line that will indicate the winning combination during the end of the spin. The symbols that stand below this line when the reels stop rotating would be the winning characters. If your guess is right, you will win the payout. In a reel slot game, there would be a single pay line. But in a video slot, you would be choosing a pay line from the several lines available (starting from nine to several hundred) by paying a specific amount for activation. In these slots, the winning combination would come up below the selected pay line. 

Jackpot – Usually, the winning amount of a slot machine game will be known beforehand and it will be fixed. But in the case of progressive slots, this will be constantly increasing in size. If you are joining a slot game in a casino that offers a progressive slot game, a considerable small portion of it will go to the original winning amount. Likewise, a part from every other player’s bet will also add up to this. Once any of you get the right combination, the entire amount at that moment would become yours. This increasing prize money that will be a lump in most cases is known as a Jackpot. 

Slot theme – When you see a pattern in the design, setup, backdrop, music, and animations of a slot machine game, then it is a themed slot built using a specific theme. It can be anything such as a movie plot, novel characters, and any other popular factor. 

243 ways – You would be familiar with the concept of slot machines paying you out when you get the correct combination of characters in the same row of the reels. But in 243 ways, you will win it even when you get the right combination in adjacent spaces on the reels. 

3D video slots – Virtual slot machine games that will have 3-dimensional elements to give the player a real-life experience are known as 3D slots. 

Bet – A bet is an amount you pledge to play a slot game. If you win, you will get a payout amount that is higher than the bet amount. Else, you will lose your money.

Loose slots – Slot machines with the maximum payout percentage are known as Loose slots. 

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