Betflix is a very popular slot gameIt has been helping people in killing time for many years. However, there are many ways of playing this slot game. Everybody is not aware of all the available methods. But this lack of knowledge should not stop them from enjoying online slot games.

From installing an app on mobile phones to playing on the website, you can have enjoyment in any way. We have come up with a complete guide of various methods available to play betflix. 

Installation in mobile phones

Installing an app for playing slots is an easy job to do. Just like any other application, you need to install the slot’s application on your mobile phones. It won’t take much time to download it. Make sure your phone has a stable internet connection. When having internet access go to your phone’s setting. Go to security and privacy and choose to manage access permission. Once you enable the setting of installing apps that are not recognized, your application will be installed on mobile phones.

Downloading games and opening camp account

First, you need to open the website of EASYSLOT789. After opening it, go to the home page. Now next step is to register you on the website. While registering, enter the basic details about you. Before registering you will have an option of choosing the preferred slot camp. First, select the slot camp and then register accordingly. Then you will have to set a code to enter the game. If you want to download the game, then go to the download option available on the website.

Changing the slot game

Just like the easy top-up process, you can also change the slot game easily. If you are playing a specific game and want to change it then the system is pretty simple. When you finish playing a slot game and decide to change it then first the amount you win will be transferred to you. Firstly you have to change check your available balance. Then go to the menu and select the move money option. Select the amount you want to transfer to another slot game. Further, select the game you want to play. Raise the amount and continue playing.

Ease in top-up

Easy top-up is one thing that makes it even more convenient to have access to the services of EASYSLOT789. You can do the top-up from anywhere on your mobile phones.

To do the top-up, open the website or app, click on the top-up option. Choose the account to get the transaction done. After choosing the transaction method the amount to spin the slot will be transferred from your account.

Withdrawal of money

Withdrawing money is not difficult. With the help of the automation system of EASYSLOT789, you can withdraw money from anywhere and anytime. After finish playing, go to the homepage and select withdraw option. Then type the amount you need to take out. Fill out the details carefully and wait for a little while until the money gets transferred to your account.

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Duane Roberts

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