Three Little Known Facts About Whole House Water Filters

A whole house water filter replaces the filtration system in your kitchen and bathroom with a more comprehensive and powerful unit. Most whole house water filters provide filtered water throughout the home. You do not need to purchase a separate system for each water outlet. These are great for people who live in an apartment or have small spaces. The benefits of pentair fresh point f3000 is great. They offer great protection for your family and are also more cost effective than purchasing individual filters for all of the water outlets in your home.

When you only use purified water from your tap, it doesn’t necessarily remove all harmful bacteria and other contaminants. This is because some harmful microorganisms are part of the normal flora found in water, and they are not able to be seen or even detected by reverse osmosis. Whole house filters ensure that your water is completely free of microbes, bacteria, parasites and other harmful chemicals like chlorine. Here are three little known facts about whole house water filters that you should know.

Whole house water systems do more than remove chlorine from your tap. Chlorine, one of the most common contaminants, has been shown to cause cancer in lab rats and may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, it can contribute to dry skin and hair. Other contaminants have been linked to neurological problems including ADHD and autism. While the benefits of eliminating chlorine are great, the benefits of removing other dangerous chemicals from your drinking water are even greater.

Whole house water filtration systems were designed to remove most common contaminants. They were not designed to keep toxic lead out of your drinking water. Studies show that lead can remain in our bodies years after we have been exposed to it. This is a problem that many older homes have had. Most water filtration systems on the market do not block lead. If you have a problem with a lead pipe, you will need to replace the whole house water filter.

Whole-house filters were not designed to keep your laundry clean. While they do typically keep out most sediment, they cannot prevent a clogged washer from filling up with lint. The best systems work with your washing machine. Once you have a problem with a clogged washing machine, you can usually just change the filter and continue using your whole-house filter.

Most people think that a whole-house water filter only removes chlorine and other chemicals. Although it does remove those two contaminants, it also removes helpful minerals that are good for your body. Trace minerals like calcium and magnesium are necessary for good health.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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