Things you did not know about nic salts 

The following are some of the things about the nic salts that you will get when you purchase the one that you ought to know. They will help you make a decision on whether you really are to take a nic shots or look for an alternative. After reading, you will make an informed decision.

Nic salts for ex-smokers

The use of nic salts have been known to be beneficial for the new vapers who happen to have just quit smoking. They are what enable them to absorb more nicotine without the need to be forced to use equipment which are sophisticated. There are some new vapers who find the hit in the throat that are provided by the freebase nicotine to be harsh while nicotine salts give out a draw that is smoother. 

If you happen to be running on a device that is high power, you can go ahead and buy nic salt juice that has a lower nicotine level so that you avoid getting a strong hit that might be unpleasant. The USA was among the first to hit the market, showing growth of the nic salts, and at the moment, there they are increasing exposure in the UK with the availability of the vape kits ukand much more. 

Reducing consumption of juice 

The juice is normally designed so that the hit is mirrored so that you achieve what you would have gotten from a cigarette. The salts are then absorbed in the bloodstream in a faster manner, delivering the effect within the shortest time possible – 6 seconds or less.  They are also known to help most vapers in reducing their consumption of liquids because of the nicotine hit that is quite powerful that they offer. 

The first nic salts are known to have been available on the market in the summer of 2015 when PAX introduced them for the first time. The Juul device of the company featured pods is what had the salts, though the device is not available in the European union as it has nic salt content of 50mg, which is 30mg above the recommended TPD restrictions. 

Growing availability

Even with that, there is a wide variety of nicotine salt e-liquids can be bought in the UK as well as across the EU. You will be able to get the 20mg limit which has been imposed because of the requirements of the TPD while more manufacturers of the e-juice include the nic salts in ther catalogues.

The price of the juices are known to be slightly higher than the one for the conventional liquids though you will have to find that you will use lower levels because of the higher potency of nicotine. It seems certain that the nic salts range that is found in the UK might continue expanding with more vapers learning about their use.

Is it safe to take nic salts?

If you have any concerns regarding the safety of the nicotine salts, you need to read on. It is believed htat the nic salts are no more dangerous than having to inhale freebase nicotine.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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