Some Of The Forklift Recommendations

As already highlighted, forklifts have a fundamental role, making it necessary for them to always be in good condition. Therefore, there are some tips to be followed to keep it always up and running.

Forklifts Checking Procedures

Daily Procedures

  1. Always check parts such as forklift headlights and taillights. Any error in these parts can mean problems in the components or even in the electrical part of the equipment.
  2. Check the water and oil levels in the equipment. Deficient levels and dirt can be signs of leaks or a need to change filters.
  3. Power testing the lift and lower system of the forklift is essential. If this procedure presents any problems, there may be a leak in the hydraulic part of the equipment.
  4. Operator safety is also something to consider. Check the seat belt and seat to avoid any accidents at work.

Weekly Procedures

  1. Unusual engine noises must be checked quickly to prevent the problem from continuing. This could be a part out of place or even coming loose, which should be corrected immediately.
  2. Checking and replacing the engine oil and radiator fluids daily, in daily use of 10 hours, is enough time to identify a reduction in the performance of hydraulic fluids.
  3. Check items such as metal panels, covers, and the operation of panel functions. They may seem small, but these types of issues, if resolved early, can increase the life of the forklift.

Monthly Procedures

  1. Test the battery, checking the connection between it and the alternator. If your forklift takes a long time to start or has constant failures, there may be a problem connecting these two elements.
  2. Check the response time of all operating levers and controls to identify any slowdowns in these processes.

The professional who works as a forklift operator must know some areas, such as safety standards in working with forklifts, Teamwork techniques with other forklift operators and logistics operators, among other functions. Click here for more info (ดูรายละเอียด which is the term in Thai)

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Duane Roberts

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