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Why study at PwC?

From nursery to college, the academic life in PWC is imbued with creativity and innovation to make learning holistic, meaningful, and exciting. Here, you’ll encounter both opportunities and challenges to prepare you for life.

What is PWC basic education?

It is designed to support individual learning paths and provide formative, personalized feedback to learners, thereby increasing their proficiency and engagement in the process. The PWC Basic Education believes in the education philosophy of Doreen Barber-Gamboa, the founder of JASMS education.

Who is the founder of Philippine Women’s College?

In 1919, the visionary couple Dean Conrado Benitez and Francisca Tirona Benitez founded in Manila the Philippine Women’s College (now the Philippine Women’s University). In time, their vision of women’s education would transcend the boundaries of Manila and reach south of the archipelago.

Why choose PwC senior high school?

PWC Senior High School academic tracks and strands are competency-based to provide learners with skills and applicable knowledge they can use for life. Learn more At PWC you are challenged and inspired to explore and create your own path as we journey with you through the program that best suits your interest.

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