Preparing For The Online IQ Test

Measuring your IQ is not easy, it usually takes more than a day for data and behavioral scientists to assess your IQ. The good news is now, there are many ways IQ can be measured. If you want fast results and easy access, getting an iq test online is a good choice.

This is what most companies use to assess their applicants. Some will not let an applicant pursue their application unless they pass a specific cognitive test.

Whether you are taking an online IQ exam for work, for school, or just to hone your cognitive skill, it is highly recommended that you are well prepared before taking the test.

There are many things to prepare before taking the test, and to name some of it, read below:

  • Make sure internet connection is stable

You have to make sure that your internet connection is stable. Most of the time, the cognitive test has a time limit, and the time will continuously run even if your internet connection hangs. When this happens it is not only your momentum that will be distracted but also your chance of passing the test.

You have to be 100% sure that you have a stable internet connection before taking the exam. If possible, you may want to disconnect other devices from the WiFi to ensure that the highest internet connection while taking the exam can be achieved.

  • Check on the device you will use

You have to check on the device you will use to take the exam. If you still have time, check if your device can access the site where the test will be taken. Make sure that your device is fully charged, check all the buttons of your device if it is working, and confirm if the device is working properly.

Of course, you would never want your test to get cut just because your device ran out of battery.

  • Practice, practice, practice

Practicing different cognitive tests is highly recommended. The more you practice, the more experience you can get in terms of assessing and understanding patterns. You have to make sure that you pursue enough practice before you take the cognitive exam the employer requests their applicants to take.

Practice answering tests from different publishers so you will have experience answering different sets of cognitive exams. If you can get the publisher’s name the company uses on their recruitment process, the better.

  • Prepare yourself

You have to make sure you are 100% prepared. Eat well before the exam, if you need to pee, go ahead and pee as you cannot do it when the test is already starting. Sleep 8 hours the night before the exam so you can focus and not feel sluggish and dizzy.

Preparing yourself for a long exam is highly recommended. This test is mostly timed, hence it would be very hard for you to excuse yourself even if your reasons are valid. During the exam, you have to be 100% ready or else, you cannot pass it.



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