Percolator bong- Complete information for you before buying it

If you have been smoking for long, then the likelihood is there that you have heard about the term “percolator”. Percolator is dangerous to smoker culture. Although they aren’t required in a bong, they have become standard to some extent. Here you will learn about the purpose and function of Percolator bong and the kinds in which they are available.

What is Percolator bong?

Percolator Bong is also termed as bubbler bong. The base takes any shape and Percolator is added for filtering the smoke. When a smoker hit, the smoke fizz as it passes through the water. This will make a smoother hit. However, these bongs are not easier to clean.

What’s the aim of Percolator bong?

The objective of smoking out of a bong is to make the process of smoking smoother. Contrastingly the aim of dabbing is isolating and enjoying the flavor.

The percolator not only aims at cooling down the smoke but also it aims at providing excellent filtration. Wide assortments of Percolators are available to buy. Each percolator is having dissimilar effects.

Why use bong with Percolator?

For those who aren’t aware of bongs, the vision of smoking out of one may be a bit threatening. The civilizing stigma around bongs causes them to appear more effective than other smoking tools.

Smoke will mislay some effects going via two chambers of water. Smokers will have well enhanced wild plant inhaling experience. This will facilitate people to consume more smoke than they usually would. For the most, this swap will be well worth it.

Percolators- Different available styles- 

For the smoke all accessible Percolators provide an additional filtration layer. It therefore makes inhaling much enjoyable and guarantees better smoking experience. However different Percolators accomplish this differently. Also, they will contribute different aesthetic touches to every piece. Following are some common Percolators.

1-     Tree percolators-

They are fairly simple. Contained by the bong’s tube, there’s a collection of rods similar to tree limbs. With few slits on each limb, there will be numerous diffusions. Buying from a specialized store you will find that they have a tree Percolator bong which is crafted using borosilicate glass which ensures durability.

2-     Inline percolators-

They are simply horizontal tubes with numerous slits. More slits there are, more Percolation exists. Frequently they set off other Percolators above them. This piece sacrifices downstream in favor of the inline percolator with an extra showerhead Percolator positioned the inline perc.

3-     Fritted disc percolators-

One of the most effective of all percolator bonds, this one is an identical yet bit more powerful version of honeycomb perc. With plenty of holes, your piece is likely to get filled up with bubbles, generating too much smoke to breathe in. Unluckily the sheer amount of holes makes cleaning a terrifying.

4-     Honeycomb percolators-

The shape provides them the needed functionality for smoke filtering with effectiveness. In the bong’s tube, the round discs fit flawlessly and small holes do enormously well in smoke dispersion. This piece is having 3 honeycomb percolators that provide ample filtration and assures cool hits.


Here we end our discussion. You can shop Percolator bong as per your need and budget online and take immense pleasure of smoking differently.

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Duane Roberts

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