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Before engaging in online poker at evodomino, you can go through the following frequently asked questions regarding poker in general. The questions and answers are to serve as general knowledge given that the bonus types and requirements of online poker can vary from one site to the next.

Is it possible to use one bonus code at once?

It is not possible. There is no online poker site that offers the chance to redeem several bonuses at once when you are signing up. Also, when you make additional deposits in the future, you will only have to redeem a single bonus at any given time.

Is it possible to use the same bonus more than once?

The answer to this particular question can vary depending on the length of the bonus and the site. Some sites tend to capitalize on current seasons or trends, creating bonuses to reflect that. A summer bonus that offers a 100% deposit bonus might not be valid when summer is over, and winter is here.

Is it possible for a bonus to expire after it has been redeemed?

No. When you redeem a bonus, you are the one to know how fast or long it will be able to take for it to be released. What matters is the number of raked hands that you are to play. So whether it will take a month or just a week, or even longer, the bonus will be released after the requirements have been met.

Is it possible to transfer a bonus to another player?

No. Once you redeem a bonus, it is yours to use, and you cannot transfer it to another player.

Is it possible to use bonus code for a new deposit if the previous bonus has not been released fully?

There is no blanket answer to this particular question. You must refer to the site you are utilizing and check out their terms and conditions for bonuses.

What happens to the bonuses that are unclaimed if I cash out and close my online poker account?

If, for example, you have gotten 15$ off your 20$ bonus, and you want to cash out and close your account, the unclaimed 5$ doesn’t get added to your account. It just stops existing. You have to remember the bonuses that dictate that you have to meet certain raked hands for the bonus to be released. If you don’t, then you don’t get the remaining bonus cash.

Do I need to use a bonus code when I am signing up?

Not really. Unless you plan to redeem the bonus, it still makes sense if you were to use your bonus code whenever you are signing or depositing money as it is some free money you will be claiming.

With the above FAQs, you should now understand the online poker bonuses and the way they work. For more information regarding bonuses, you will need to go to your specific site and read the fine prints regarding what they have to offer and what you need to do.

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