Online casinos are now sweeping off the market with their automated playing options. The impressive automation of casino games have drawn more players to the game and in turn increased the revenue of these games. The online casino games are dependent on the random generation of numbers by a pseudorandom generator. The other mode of online casino games is dependent on the live actions of a croupier situated at a physical casino or a studio set to give the atmosphere of a real casino. Players do have preferences in regards to these games. Some prefer the complete virtual games while others opt for the live dealer mode. The virtual games are generally cheaper than regular casino games and live dealer game. This is because regular casinos put in lots of funds to ensure the maintenance of the gaming equipment and the casino itself; and live dealer games require funds to ensure the players play the game in an atmosphere that is very similar to that or physical casinos.

우리카지노 is the top notch brand of online casino in Korea. The brand has been available for quite a long period now and has successfully provided its players with the best games and services while improving its features. The brand is affiliated with other brands such as 퍼스트카지노and 더존카지노. These casinos are able to tend to the need of players in an exquisite manner. Dozens of games are offered by these casinos.


This is a wheel game with its name see bed from the French term for little wheel. This game of wheel is highly dependent on chance and it is favored by many casino players as it can be quite easy to make wins although little from the game. There are various kinds of bets that can be made in the game. Players generally place bets on the section of the wheel the ball is going to land in. The wheel is sectioned into colored and numbered pockets.

There are three kinds of wheels used to play this game. They are the single zero wheel or the French/ European wheel; the double zero wheel or the American wheel; and the Triple zero wheel. The single zero wheel has 37 pockets inclusive of a 0. The double zero wheel has 38 pockets inclusive of 0 and 00. The triple zero wheel has 39 pockets inclusive of 0, 00 & 000.

Bets featured in Roulette

Players generally place bets on different possibilities of where the ball would land. Some include:

  • Single bets

Players place wagers on the ball landing on a single number.

  • Corner bets

These bets are also known as square bets. Players make wagers on the possibility of the ball landing on a group of four numbers which meet at a corner.

  • Split nets

Players make wagers on the possibility of the ball landing on two adjacent numbers. These numbers can be either vertically or horizontally adjacent.

  • Trio bets

This is a bet with high odds. It is a bet of three numbers that must be inclusive of at least one 0.

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