Nose Surgery After Care – The Right Steps To Take

After going through some series of thoughts, you finally got the nose surgery done. Now, it is time for you to take complete care of the nose so that you can make the healing process lasts a lot longer. Just be sure to know more about the nose surgery and then you can aim for the best help in this regard. If you want to care after the nose, there are some steps you need to follow. The expert cosmetic surgeon will make it a point to take care of the nose on your behalf and offer after-care procedures in hand.

The process to focus at:

After the surgery, make sure to cold compress the place for round 4 to 5 days initially. It will help in stopping the bleeding. Without cold compress, it might cause fibrosis and bleeding and can result in distorted nose. Next step, you have to take care of the wound in nasal cavity with cotton swab and then get to wipe it with the saline solution. Do not use Betadine, alcohol or any kind of strong disinfectant at this stage. Moreover, avoid exposing your recently surgical nose to the dusty places for around 1 week minimal. It will prevent sneezing and coughing.

Other areas to venture in:

Make sure to have a direct meeting with the doctor for the appointment of removal of the support used after nose surgery. You are given the permission to sleep on side. But, make sure to not move the silicone. Usually, doctors will tape it for preventing the movements anyway, but make sure to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Moreover, avoid the foods you are allergic to, which can make your face red and swollen. Focusing on these Nose Surgery After Care [การ ดูแล หลัง ทํา จมูก]is a must to speed up the healing process.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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