Important aspects of a fishing line

The sport of fishing has always been one of the people’s favorites. In fact, it is one of those that allows a great source of me time and family time to people. Fishing is almost like a picnic allowing people to take a break from their lives and relax in the lap of nature, all the while catching some good dinner material. It is due to this huge love for fishing around the world that countries like Thailand offer a great getaway to the tourists for their rich marine ecosystem. Alongside a Thailand Fishing Resort is one of the best places to be on a family vacation. Before commencing the journey, it is important to have a look at an important aspect of the fishing rod, the line, given here.


This is something that becomes highly noticeable as one attempts to pull the spool. It tends to either coil up or remain straightened and that is the memory of the line. It does require maintaining a balance between both the aspects as coiling is necessary for force and straightening is necessary for action. Too much coiling can mess up the operation through tangles, while too much line can exert pressure on the material and tend to weaken it.


It is highly important for the line material to be stretchy as it helps in counterbalancing the force as the fish splashes and attempts to break loose of the hook. It is also the major thing that takes some of the heavy punches during the head shakes. However, if the material remains too stretchy it may tend to lose the required precision.

Resistance to abrasion

Now, this is something that tends to define the strength and longevity of the line material. It is required to resist the friction that comes along if the line encounters a rock or other metallic surface during operation. It shall also be resistant to the salinity and pH levels of the water which have a latent effect on its strength. 

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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