How to utilize an Instagram account as an influencer?

The ultimate guide to becoming an Instagram influencer (and getting paid!)  - Elise Darma

Almost everyone around us have an Instagram account and spend a lot of time in it. Especially, in this pandemic, people are not being able to go outside and live their regular jobs. In this crucial time, people can use these social media platforms like Instagram to grow their business or personal profile.

Those who want to use their Instagram account and ‘ganhar seguidores’, they can do some pretty basic things to attract the users and achieve the numbers organically. If these ways we will discuss in this informative article won’t work, you can take an alternative route where you can contact some legit and reliable providers with online outlets. 

These providers can offer you ‘seguidoresInstagram’ to grow your account sooner. It will be so beneficial because you can then focus on growing your account by entertaining your existing followers. Also, having a lot of Instagram followers will help you to achieve the blue verification badge easily.

Now, let’s talk about the ways which an influencer should follow to utilize the Instagram account.

Appreciate the followers

When any follower of yours post something good and tag your account, you should repost the content to show your appreciation towards the individual. Not everything should be about promoting your business only.

Tagging friends

As an influencer, if you are trying to ‘ganharseguidores no Instagram’, you should arrange online courses of some kind and then ask your followers to tag their friends. It will give your profile a big exposure and you will achieve more followers on Instagram.

Interact with followers

It is important for you to keep interacting your followers. Otherwise, they won’t stay interested in you and might unfollow you. You should ask your followers to share their thoughts and opinions about some of the things you post.

In this way, they will get to interact with you and understand that you value their perceptions. Also, make sure to reply their comments or like them back. This way, you will attract more followers on your Instagram.


You can arrange for contests among your followers which will do a great exposure for your business or personal account as an influencer. In the end of every contest, there must be some kind of prize. It will let the followers remain excited and they will visit your profile and more users will get suggestions of your account. 

If you are planning to open any new business, you can take this advantage and announce about that too here. 


If you are good at something, for example- photography, English, singing, dancing, or anything else, you can share tips and tricks about that talent of yours with your followers. You will do a great job as an influencer here by helping those who need these kinds of tips.


Just like tips and tricks, you can share the tutorials of the things you are good at such as dancing or cooking. If you are a good cook, you can share recipe and tutorials of making a dish. It will let your users know that you are serious and passionate about your skills and they will respect you more.



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