How to make serenity kids baby puffs Food Pouches

Serenity kids are another brand that has been around for a while. They are natural-born babies who are ready to grow up and be left alone. They mean one thing when they are first born: they are their parents’ baby food jars. These jars have come into existence because the parents of Serenity’s kids have had no choice but to bring them into existence. 


Serenity kids grow up so fast that some parents don’t even know when they leave birth until well after they have grown up and left home.  


What is a Serenity Baby Food Pouch?


A Serenity baby food pouch is a specially designed pocket for your baby’s bottle feed. You will notice that the backside of many Serenity kids’ bottles and pouches are designed to double as a baby food pouch. This means the backside of your baby food pouch can double as a serving spoon.


It is important to note that a baby food pouch doesn’t have to be made of cloth. It could be a plastic bottle opener, a plastic spoon, or a plastic grocery bag. It doesn’t matter if the materials used are natural or made of synthetic fibrous material—the function of a Serenity baby food pouch is the same: to provide you with a small but healthy supply of milk and other essential nutrients your baby needs for healthy growth.


Why Make Serenity Kids Baby Food Pouches?


Serenity kids need to be fed milk, juices, and other milk-based products from the day they are delivered home. And milk is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B2, and vitamin B3. Thus, a serenity kids baby puffs may benefit from being given formula exclusively from the time they are six days old. When they are 6 weeks old, they can then be put on the normal diet provided to babies up to age six.


The essential nutrient content of milk is higher than that of other commercial infant foods. Why is this important to know? It will help your baby thrive as he or she gets stronger every day through regular milk intake. And, it will also prevent you from developing indigestion and acidity problems later in life thanks to the high fiber content of milk. 


Tips for making Serenity Kids Baby Food Pouches


So, you have the supplies needed to make your own Serenity baby food pouches. Now, it’s time to make your pouches. You can use any fabric you like. You can use any fabric that is washable and durable. 


  • A front pocket
  • A back pocket
  • A side pocket
  • A closure


Filling Serenity Baby Food Pouches


There are a few things to fill in for your Serenity baby food pouches. If you are making a collation pouch, you can add other fruits and vegetables. You can also use toilet rolls for this purpose. If you are making a water purée, you can add vegetables too. You can also use peanut butter for this purpose.


What to do when you have a Serenity baby


Once you have your baby food pouches filled, it’s time to give your Serenity baby a special tummy time. This is when you hold your baby up to the light, turn her onto her back, and reveal her belly button. You can do this with a mirror, a low table, a cot, or a blanket. It is important to be patient as you create these pouches. It will be very easy and fun once you get the hang of it.



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