How to Create A Trippy Painting: The Top 5 Easiest Techniques

Painting is a fun and creative way to express yourself. There are many different ways you can paint, from watercolor to acrylics. One technique in particular that has become popular recently is the use of dots or circles to create trippy paintings. Here, we’ve compiled the top five easy painting techniques for creating your own trippy paintings. These techniques are easy enough for beginners and involve some simple materials that can be found around your house. 


Use Circles to Create Trippy Paintings


One of the easiest ways to create trippy paintings is to use circles. Simply pour a little bit of paint on a piece of paper, then take a toothpick or pen and draw circles. Once you’ve drawn in your circles, use the toothpick to push around the paint and make them look more trippy. This technique only requires one color, so it’s great for beginners who want to experiment with different colors.


Add Dots or Parallel Lines


Another method for making a trippy painting is to add dots or parallel lines. You can use any color you like. You just have to dip your paintbrush into the paint, then tap it against the canvas in a repetitive pattern.


Use Random Shapes


The first technique is simple and can be found around your house. All you need for this technique is a ruler filled with paint. Using the ruler to guide your hand, use random shapes such as triangles, circles, or lines. You can have a variety of different sizes or just one size. This technique is best if you want to create an abstract painting. Remember that you can use any object or shapes to make your painting look unique. 


Paint with Water and Food Coloring


Consider creating trip paintings with food coloring. Fill up a watercolor tray with water, then add drops of food coloring until you get the desired color. You can also add paintbrushes to the water and then use those to paint on your canvas. Experiment with the colors you want. Try dark and light colors.  


Create a Painted Figure


This painting is created by first drawing the outline of a figure with a black marker. You can use markers, pencils, or paint to fill in the figure. Then, you’ll want to cover up some of the body with dots of paint. Using different colors will create an interesting effect. Repeat this process on all parts of the body until you have a colorfully-painted figure.


Tripping out is possible with any of these 5 easy techniques. Whether you want to add dots or parallel lines to create a sense of movement, paint with water and food coloring for an abstract trippy effect, or use circles to create a psychedelic masterpiece, one of these techniques will be perfect for you. And the best part? You can do all of these techniques using just a few household supplies! So what are you waiting for? Get painting and get trippin’.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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