How Much Can I Get For Broken Iphone? We Will Help You sell broken iphone To Legitimate Buyer

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Welcome to a new series on our blog, “How much can I get for my broken iPhone?” We’ve answered this question a lot and have found that most people don’t know that the value of your broken iPhone is usually higher than you think. So we started this series to teach you all about the best way to sell broken iPhones.


How Much Can I Get For My Broken Iphone?


Your broken iPhone can be worth anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the condition of your device. Is it missing a screen? Does it have other damage? Is it new or old?


If you’re asking yourself “how much can I get for broken iPhone,” we’re here to help answer that question. Read on to learn all about how much your broken iPhone will fetch when sent in for repairs and resale.


Sell Broken Iphones


We buy broken iPhones. We pay cash for broken iPhones, and we pay more than others do. We buy broken iPhones from all carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. If your iPhone is dropped in water or has a cracked screen then it’s considered “broken”. 


This means that the liquid cannot be removed and the screen must be completely shattered (no cracks) to have it considered as “broken”. For example: if your iPhone is cracked but not shattered – then that would not qualify for our program since this does not affect functionality of device whatsoever. The only exception is if there are other problems like bad ESN/IMEI numbers which can cause issues with activation on network carrier or other issues related to hardware malfunctioning after being repaired by third party service providers.


Trade In Your Old Iphone With A Broken Screen


If you have a broken iPhone, then you are lucky to be reading this article. We know how painful and expensive it is when your iPhone breaks. You can do nothing but cry over your dead phone and think about how much money you lost because of it. But don’t worry, we have the solution for this problem!


You can sell broken iphone and get paid instantly in cash or check! To do that, go to our website and fill in the form with all information about your device (make model etc.) or simply give us a call and one of our operators will assist you during 24/7 hours!


Check Out How Much You Can Get For Your Broken Iphone


You can check out how much you can get for your broken iPhone. We buy all types of broken iPhones, including the newest models like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, as well as older models like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. If you have an old model that doesn’t work anymore, we will pay you cash on the spot!


You can check out our website to see if there is a location near you that buys broken iPhones so you can sell us yours. No matter what kind of model or condition it’s in, if it has a cracked screen or other damage and doesn’t turn on anymore then we want to buy it from you!




We hope that you found this article helpful. Remember, if you have any questions at all please contact us, we would love to help!

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Duane Roberts

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