Glossary of online slot machine games to know

Introduction to online slots

You would be familiar with the gameplay of physical or mechanical slot machine games. The same will be the rules for online slots also. Your job is to guess a character that will be there below the pay line at the end of the game or rotation of the spin of the reels. There will be several Slot Online Uang Asli websites that you can play in. However, it is advisable to know a few words that are vital in online slots before you start. Let us discuss some of these in this article.

Words and meanings in the slot language

Pay line – You will find a horizontal line over all the slot machines that will cross over each character on the reels. It is known as a pay line. The reason it got its name is that if your selected combination of characters shows up under this pay line at the end of the spin of reels, you will be the winner and will get a payout. Reel slots will be having a single pay line, while the video slot games will have several pay lines starting from nine in number.

Jackpot – Jackpot is a word that commonly describes a larger sum of the amount given as a reward for the winner in any event. Likewise, Jackpot is the winning amount in a progressive slot game. In this game, the Jackpot will be constantly increasing until no player ever joins in that casino. Since it will not happen, we can say that Jackpot is the lump amount that you can win by guessing the right combination in a progressive slot.

Slot theme – A theme is a pattern of something applied to something. Slot themes are the patterns acquired by slot machines from the outside world to attract people who love them. You would notice the characters, sound effects, and animation of a slot machine is representing the storyline of your favorite movie. Hence, it is themed-slot.

243 ways – Usually, there will be a payout for the slot player only if the selected symbols fall on the same row under the pay line. But in 243 ways, you can win even if your chosen symbol falls on the adjacent spaces.

3D video slots – 3-Dimensional video slots are the modern developments in the slot machine arena where you can experience a deeper and quality visual experience while playing the game.

Active pay line – In video slots, the minimum number of pay lines will be nine. But you can find the winning combination only when there is a single pay line of consideration. This pay line of consideration is known as an active pay line. You will select this active pay line before the starting of the spin.

Bet – Gambling is going on because of this word. It is the amount of money you place on the game and challenges the house or opponents in a casino.

Loose slots – Slots with maximum payouts are loose slots.

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