Few of the World-Class Ovens Are Now Represented by BBQs2u in the UK

Now BBQs 2u has started selling and stocking Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt Gravity, Napoleon, and Ooni Pizza Ovens, and also of the great Kamado Joe and Napoleon accessories. BBQs2u is well-known as BBQ enthusiasts in the UK having a wealth of grilling knowledge that they can share with their consumers. There is a BBQ available for all whether they prefer prepared by gas or charcoal.

They are so enthusiastic about barbeques that people can count on the best customer service and support. Three generations of the same family are involved in the company. 

Their goal as an authorised Kamado Joe, Napoleon BBQ, and Ooni Pizza Oven dealer is to deliver high-quality grills and accessories at the most affordable pricing while providing the best possible personalized customer service.

Gas Powered Pizza Oven from Ooni Koda

The following are a few key features of Ooni Koda 16 Gas Powered Pizza Oven:

  • Ease: Ready to use just by opening the packing, simply connect to a certain propane tank and start cooking!
  • Control: Instantly turn the heat control up or down to control the heat easily by using the control dial.
  • Convenience: No need to clean, no smoke or ashes after cooking!
  • Extreme heat and speed: The stone baking board and insulated steel shell mean optimum heat retention, and hence Ooni Koda 16 will be ready to start within twenty minutes.
  • Ultimate convenience: It is possible to fire up Ooni Koda 16 simply by turning a control dial while cooking by using gas would mean minimal soot and smoke for fuss-free maintenance.
  • Flame-cooked flavour: There is a built-in device for patented flame keeping carries rolling flames down.
  • Gas-powered: There is a built-in gas ignition for instant flames having a dial to adjust heat control for effortless cooking. 
  • Pizza size: Can cook pizzas of 16” wide.

Premium Ceramic Grills – Kamado Joe BBQs 

The following are the features of Kamado Joe UK:

  • Fuel-efficient: The fuel efficiency of the Kamado grill is another obvious plus point of the heavy ceramic composition. Because the thick sides maintain heat so efficiently, only a small amount of charcoal and oxygen are required to keep the fire going – ideal for long, slow cooking or dedicated grillers who cook all winter.
  • Versatile cooking methods: Kamado grills have been built to support a wide range of cooking ways in addition to their fuel efficiency. A ceramic heat deflector, for example, converts a kamado from a certain direct grill into an indirect cooker, similar to an oven or smoker. 

For a genuine 2-zone configuration, use a firebox divider to separate the cooking zones. A kamado grill can roast, bake, smoke, sear, grill, and much more with various attachments and settings. 

Important notes on Kamado Grills

All kamado grills are not created equal. Few kamados, e.g., Kamado Joe BBQs, have higher quality construction and a much superior design, to produce a more adaptable grill.

These days, barbeque foods are getting popular which is evident from different social network sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Lots of reviews can also be seen about BBQs2u and their services in many different forums.  

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