Different Types of Some Printing Methods

Printing is something that’s been around before 220 AD. The oldest well-known printing technique is known as woodcut, as well as involves sculpting an image onto a wood surface.

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Printing has evolved a lot since then, instead of hand-operated wood sculpting, you can select from a large range of technically innovative approaches. Here are some of the most widely known, as well as regularly utilized kinds:

Offset Lithography

Commonly utilized for:

  • Rough-surfaced media e.g. canvas, timber, and towel
  • Flexible technique so can additionally be utilized for publications, stationery, paper, as well as even more

Additionally, called balanced out printing or litho, offset lithography is a popular approach to mass-production printing. It includes printing plates, usually made from aluminum, which each hold an image of the web content that requires to be printed.


Commonly used for:

  • Packaging and labels
  • Anything with continuous patterns, e.g., wallpaper as well as a present wrap

Flexographic printing is the contemporary version of letterpress printing, as well as is utilized for printing on irregular surfaces. This style of printing uses quick-drying, semi-liquid inks and can be utilized for quantity tasks.

Digital Printing

Usually, utilize for:

  • Posters, as well as signs
  • Tags, menus, e-newsletters, and letters

Digital printing is a modern method that covers a variety of various techniques including inkjet printing, and laser. In digital printing, images are sent out straight to the printer utilizing electronic data such as PDFs. This removes the need for a printing plate, which is used in various other kinds of publishing such as lithography and can conserve money and time unless you’re printing in bigger numbers.

Huge Style

Typically utilized for:

  • Huge signage, e.g., signboards, plastic banners, posters
  • Floor graphics
  • Wallpaper as well as murals
  • Laminating

As the name might recommend, huge format printing exists to produce maximum print roll width. Perfect for conventional advertising mediums, as well as businesses who are aiming to make a massive effect on their consumers, this printing method presents you with a larger area to service, rather than the various other approaches, such as digital printing.

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