Cubic Zirconia Serving the Purpose of fake engagement rings

Diamond won its glory for the sheer beauty of its appearance, wonderful colors that it reflects, and shines in the sunlight. But these factors are not the reasons nowadays for analyzing the value of a diamond. It is the price tag that makes it special. When you give a diamond ring to your partner during the engagement, it will be a proof that you love the person from the core of the heart. But do you know that the color of these diamonds is due to the dispersion of the sunlight? The rock causes refraction of sunlight, thus segregating it into the constituent colors and hence, the shine.

Stones with higher dispersion

When you move a diamond ring, it keeps on refracting the sunlight, and you can see the different colors from different angles. There are a few artificial stones that have the same r even more refractive index than diamonds. Cubic zirconia is one of the most popular among these stones, and the best part is that it is cheap. Indeed, you have to spend half the money buying the cubic zirconia of the same size as the diamond. Some of the manufacturers are thus using the stone for making the fake engagement rings.

Don’t go extravagant

When you give your partner a cubic zirconia ring that resembles a diamond one in every way, you are actually acting intelligently. There is no need to break a bank for showing off your love when you can exhibit extravagance without affecting your pocket by purchasing the fake rings. The jewelers are even particular about introducing the small flaws in the stones that are common for diamonds to make the thing look as good as real rock. If you are clever, you will never waste hard-earned money buying diamond rings. Manage the matter with cubic zirconia that will make you worth the education that you receive. 

Wait for the cheaper versions

One of the fundamental reasons for buying fake rings is the high value of diamonds. But good days are waiting on the horizon as there is rapid growth in the diamond coatings’ vapor deposition. Very soon, you are going to have a scratch-proof glass with diamond coating and scratch-proof cookery as well. These will be cheaper, and maybe at that time, you can buy real diamond rings. As for now, the cubic zirconia can be a better option than the diamond. 



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