Challenges facing Online Gambling in Indonesia

Why Online Gambling is not legal in Indonesia

The Muslims cover Indonesia`s majority population of Indonesia, which is the fourth most populous country dominating over 85%. Muslim culture and religion prohibit Gambling, and hence it has set strict rules and regulations on its operation. Other illegal kinds of stuff banned following the religion include consumption of alcohol, among others. Following the Muslim community protest, it led to shutting down a state lottery run by the government. Today there are no bingo halls, betting shops, poker rooms, legal casinos etc., running in Indonesia. Indonesia is a home of a significant attractive tourist destination, and thus significant cities illegally run arcade games and casino tables. However, the operators of the shops and casinos are at risk of being raided, which results in the imprisonment of 3-5 years. Disciplinary actions are taken against culprits who happen to be the tourists who often fall prey to these illegalities.

Punishments for Gambling in Indonesia

Gambling in Indonesia attracts heavy punishments and penalties, which can eventually lead you to jail. Examples of punishments in the Northern province of Aceh include brutal caning in public to those found guilty as an example to others. Imprisonment is an alternative for other parts of the country and those who are random walk out scot-free. Indonesian citizens play a vital role in prohibiting gambling activities even though the government has not outlined strict laws on it. Betting on the Euro Cup back in 2012 affected the country`s economic status, making several legislative ministries enforce legal actions towards Gambling.

Existence of Online Casinos in Indonesia

Gambling in Indonesia started from the Chinese influence who loves to gamble, spreading these cultures to most Indonesians. Muslim religion suddenly halted the activities that became embraced in most parts of the country. Therefore Gambling was banned and seen as an illegal activity, and the country imposed strict laws on victims who would engage in them. An ongoing battle exists between the Muslims and online site owners, which has led to more strict laws. Hefty fines, paying taxes, closure of casinos without a license are some of the restrictions put in place for gambling operators.

Despite the strict rules set by the Indonesian government, online casinos existence of online casinos spreads like a bushfire. Several games such as bingo, rummy, poker, sports and casino games are offered to players who enjoy the gaming adventure. An annual licensing is provided to over 8000 online gambling sites by the Indonesian government. It ensures players` protection and safety because they are spared from becoming victims of fraud and scams online. There are various online websites through which players can choose to explore their gaming experiences, including JackpotCity Casino, Indonesian Sbobbet, 22Bet Casino, Dafabet Casino and others. The sites offer a collection of the best games for players to select, including video poker, craps, baccarat, three card poker, Caribbean stud poker, backgammon etc. Tourists have contributed significantly to Indonesia`s the gambling industry in Indonesia because the casinos act as their primary focus sites.



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