Aircon Leaking Issue

There are two significant causes of water leaking from your air conditioner. One influence is the temperature set on your thermostat. The second factor is the temperature outside. When you reside in Macon, Georgia, it is common to see condensation collecting by the condenser unit since it is working incredibly hard to cool your house down—When the outside temperature is scorching, keep your thermostat set lower than normal.


  1. The condensate drain has become blocked.

This drains aids in the removal of accumulated water from the unit. Rust, dirt, debris, or algae can partially or fully block and clog the drain, causing the A/C to leak.

  1. The temperature is too low to run your air conditioner.

While you try to use the unit to cool your home when it is chilly outside, the evaporator coils might freeze up and cause the unit to leak. Do not turn on your air conditioner while the temperature is below 60 degrees to avoid this issue.

  1. Disconnect the drain pipe.

If your drain line becomes too slack, it might separate from your AC, resulting in leaking.

  1. The condensate pump has failed.

If your condensate pump is damaged, it will not be able to pump away the extra water in the condenser pan, causing the pan to fill up and overflow (or leaking).

  1. The refrigerant level is insufficient.

The air conditioner’s coils can freeze if there is low refrigerant in them, resulting in leakage when the drip pan overflows.

  1. The air filter is clogged.

Clogged air filters reduce airflow, resulting in the evaporator coils not receiving proper ventilation. As a result, the waves become excessively chilly and finally freeze. Moisture will drop down when the ice melts from the coils, causing the drip pan to overflow and eventually leak.

Steps to Fix this leakage

To avoid any fire dangers or additional leaks, immediately turn off and disconnect the AC unit. To prevent further water damage, clean up as much of the leaking water as possible. Water damage not only causes harmful mounds and mildew growth in your house, but it may also harm your paint, wallpaper, wall structure, and flooring. It may also seep into adjacent rooms. If you reside in a condominium and your HVAC unit causes water damage to the flat below, you will undoubtedly be held liable. The sooner you discover water damage and take action to prevent it, the better. Check to see whether the condensate pan is full or if the filter is filthy.

How to fix it permanently.

Swapping out your old, filthy air filters for new (adequately sized) ones should be at the top of your maintenance priority list. Have your AC system professionally maintained in the spring, prior to the hot summer months. Most AC issues may be avoided. The technician should inspect your drain pan for cracks or corrosion and apply a solution to prevent algae growth. They should flush the drain line and make sure the condensate pump is operational, among other things. Your aircon leaking problem can be solved in no time with the help of a professional.

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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