A Deep Dive into the Role of MMR in League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is a highly competitive online multiplayer game with millions of active players worldwide. Players make use of their skills and strategies to win the game, but there is one vital element that determines who players get matched with and against in the game, and that is their MMR. MMR, short for Matchmaking Rating, is a hidden algorithm used by LoL to match players based on their relative skill levels. In this blog post, we will decode MMR in League of Legends and explain how it works so that you can have a better understanding of what it is and how it impacts your gaming experience https://lol-script.com/blog/what-is-mmr-in-lol/

Understanding MMR:

MMR is a rating system used by LoL to measure the skill level of players. It is a hidden value that determines who a player gets matched with in the game. Every player has an MMR, which is adjusted based on the outcome of their games. It goes up when the player wins, and it goes down when the player loses. The higher the MMR, the better skilled a player is considered to be, and the more challenging the matches they play.

How MMR affects your matchmaking:

MMR is used by the LoL matchmaking system to create balanced teams. When you queue up for a game, the system attempts to find players with similar MMR values to make matchmaking as fair as possible. The goal of LoL’s matchmaking system is to ensure that matches are challenging but not so challenging that players feel overwhelmed. This results in an optimal gaming experience for players. 

How MMR determines your ranking:

As you win or lose, your MMR increases or decreases, respectively. Your standing in the game’s ranking system is directly related to your MMR. Winning games and subsequently increasing your MMR can lead to a higher rank and more difficult opponents. Conversely, losing games and seeing a decline in MMR can lead to a lower rank and easier opponents. As such, MMR indirectly determines your rank, which determines the rewards and accolades that you earn for playing the game.

How to improve your MMR:

Improving your MMR and moving up in rank is a crucial goal for many LoL players. To climb the ranks, you need to improve your gameplay significantly. This can include focusing on in-game mechanics, sharpening your skills on specific champions, and learning from your losses. In addition, it is crucial to play with teammates who have similar MMR values, as this leads to more balanced matches and a fairer chance to win. Ultimately, ranking up takes time, patience, and a willingness to improve your skills continually.

MMR and smurfs:

One issue in the LoL community is smurfing, which involves high-ranking players creating new accounts to play against less skilled players. Smurfing can throw off the balance of matches, leading to many unfair matches for players who are trying to climb the ranks. As such, LoL has implemented measures to prevent smurfing, making it harder for high-ranking players to create new accounts. Smurfing is still a prevalent issue, however, and players are encouraged to report any suspected smurfing to the game administrators. 


Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is a critical component of League of Legends that determines player matchups and indirectly influences their rank in the game. Understanding and improving your MMR is crucial in climbing up the ranks and improving your gaming experience. By focusing on improving your in-game mechanics, playing with teammates of similar MMR, and continuously learning from your losses, you can improve your MMR and reach new heights in the game. Happy gaming!

Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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