8- Singapore to Launch New Work Pass for Tech

Singapore Launches Tech@SG Program

Singapore requires more talents in the technological sector and has a newly announced work pass to attract highly accomplished technical individuals to their country. Tech pass will allow established tech experts across the globe to proceed with their careers in Singapore and serve disruptive innovations for the growth of the sector.


Delivering a keynote speech at the Singapore Tech Forum 2020, the President of the country said that the Economic Development Board launched the Tech pass that will target the movers and shakers of the technological world.


The nation is preparing to attract individuals who are dedicated leaders of the IT sector and usually play different roles at once. These roles can be of a founder, investor, employee, consultant, and academic and can contribute to multiple parts of the economy with their capital, networks, and knowledge. 


Unlike the Employment Pass that is attached to a particular job or employer, the new work pass for Tech is going to be personal to the holder, giving them the flexibility to move between roles and employers. Five hundred passes will be made available from January 2021 when applications launch.


According to the President of Singapore, talent is the key as the nation develops its technological environment. The country already has an environment that supports science and technology, along with a tech-literate population. The presence of better infrastructure, such as a high-speed nationwide broadband network can be an added benefit. 


The Government is building up its own IT engineering capabilities through the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) while developing the entire tech environment and digital industry all over the country.


Many major tech companies are now based in Singapore, and they are doing various works that include engineering, sales, and marketing. Citing tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon are setting up their business firms in Singapore, which has created a vibrant industry cluster and good jobs for Singaporeans as well as tech pass holders.



By launching the Tech pass, Singapore is trying to build an appealing opportunity for IT talents to invest their interest. In contrast to the employment pass that requires the employer’s sponsorship, the Tech pass, assigned to an individual gives them the flexibility to decide what they aim to do.

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Duane Roberts

Duane Roberts

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