5 Best Cutting Tools Distributors in the USA

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The internet age has seen the rise of many businesses, including the cutting tools distributors industry. It has therefore become tough to know which companies to trust for the best cutting tools. It is very important to know what tools to get from where lest you risk poor-quality tools in this industry. For cutting tools, quality has always been preferred over quantity. This article, therefore, explores the top 5 cutting tools distributors across the United States.

Suncoast Precision Tools

Suncoast Precision Tools is great local cutting tools and industrial tools brand established in 1963.  They distribute high-quality cutting tools, reamers, carbide end mills, many other tools from top manufactures in the industry. You can buy most of their cutting tools online. Suncoast precision tools have an excellent local reputation for fast service and offering more products off the shelf than any other local distributor.

Arch Cutting Tools

Arch cutting tools prides themselves on 100 plus years of design experience. It is your complete tool-making authority. It blends its customer service associate strengths with a commitment of 350,000 square feet of American manufacturing. ARCH tools lead the industry in custom-engineered tooling solutions. Arch offers cost-effective and improved manufacturing performance cutting tools. They distribute standard and special cutting tools.

Regal Cutting Tools, Inc

Since 1955, Regal Cutting tools have been manufacturing and distributing world-class cutting tools.  They offer over 13000 metal cutting tools, including; drills, custom tools, end mills, and taps. Regal Cutting tools aim to provide cost-effective tooling solutions to their customers through improved tool life, technical support, coatings, and effective inventory management. They have a nationwide network of industrial distributors strategically located throughout the United States. You can connect with them via a 24-hour special metalworking tap manufacturing service for customized tools.

Cougar Cutting Tools

Cougar cutting tools is a privately held manufacturer of custom solid carbide cutting tools located in Clinton Township. They supply tools in the aerospace, defensive, automotive, and medical industries. Cougar provides you with the right tools when you need them. It also specializes in custom and high-performance tooling. Cougar has an extensive product portfolio with experienced tooling experts that provide you with cutting-edge carbide tooling.

Precision Cutting Tools

With over fifty years of experience, PCT is a leading cutting tool manufacturer and supplier. It specializes in producing high-quality and high-performance cutting tools. PCT is highly committed to customer satisfaction by utilizing the finest raw materials, introducing innovative cutting tools, and providing excellent customer service. PCT also takes pride in timely deliveries of goods. It delivers within days. They distribute tools such as end mills and drills.

In conclusion, the above discussed are the five best cutting tools distributors in the US. They all offer high-quality and precise tools. The choice of a company will depend on what types of cutting tools you need at the moment. Is it customized or standard cutting tools? However, establishing a relationship with one company is best. This is because it is easier to do business in the future.

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