Fried Cheese Fail

We spotted this fail on Pinterest and couldn’t help but share. The original pin – bread and bake pieces of string cheese as a healthier alternative to deep-fried mozzarella sticks:

string-cheese-fried-balls Epic Pinterest Fail

And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

fried baked string cheese balls fail Epic Pinterest

We have a message to the original pinner who got our hopes up and lied about a “healthy” alternative to the oh-so-tasty mozzarella sticks:

expect-me-not-to-push-me-up-against-the-wall-biatch The Office

Do you have a failed take on a “healthy” Pinterest recipe? Share it with us!

Witch Finger Cookies Fail

The following fail was submitted to us by EPF reader Vicki.

The original pin – spooky witch finger cookies made out of sugar cookies and almonds:

spooky-witch-finger-cookies Epic Pinterest Fail

And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

witchy-finger-cookies-halloween-fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Vicki says: Pinterest fail! I used sugar cookie dough and shaped a finger. Easy enough. Didn’t turn out spooky… nailed it!

Well, they may not look like witch fingers, but we bet they’re still tasty! We’ll help you eat them to hide the evidence:

garth-kat-SNL-halloween Epic Pinterest FailGot a Halloween Pinterest fail? Send it to us!

What Pinners Think of Honey Boo Boo


When we were putting together our top white trash pins the other day, we were amused by a wealth of discussion and comments on Pinterest regarding our favorite redneck show – Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. (We’re from Georgia, too. So we can use the terms “white trash” and “redneck” in a loving, respectful way.)

Whether you think Honey Boo Boo is entertaining or the death of American intelligence … we know you’ll find the following comments as amusing as we did.

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 1

You know what else is awwffuulllll? Spelling words like thhiiiiisssss.

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 2

Who knew a pageant toddler could make someone Hulk-smash their TV? We think that’s extreme, Sue. So does this person:

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 3

This person is a little more tasteful with her retort:

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 5

LOLz @ “Bitch, please!”

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 4

Yeah! People on TV should only have EDUCATED thumbs! BURN.

But let’s leave the discussion to jj0930mj … aka Unlikely Voice of Reason:

honey boo boo Pinterest comments fail 6

So there you have it. Stop drinking your Hater-ade and eating your Hater Tots. Honey Boo Boo is here to stay!

honey-boo-boo-dolla-makes-me-holla Pinterest Fail EpicPinterestFail