Pumpkin WIN!

Not all pumpkin carvings are Epic Pinterest Pumpkin Fails!

For our second Halloween photo collection, we’ve collected the following gallery of Epic Pumpkin Wins. We call them “pumpkwins.” We hope you’ll call them entertaining:

pumpkin-carving-fails-1 Halloween Pinterest Fail

Funny Pumpkin Carving – Pumpkin Giving Birth


pumpkin-carving-fails-3 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Zombie Pumpkin Carving


pumpkin-carving-fails-4 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Funny Pumpkin Carving – Monster Pumpkin


pumpkin-carving-fails-5 Epic Pinterest Fail Halloween

Funny Pumpkin Carving – Mooning Pumpkin


pumpkin-carving-fails-6 Epic Pinterest Fail Halloween

Leg-eating Zombie Pumpkin


pumpkin-carving-fails-8 Funny Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Flasher Pumpkin Carving


funny pumpkin-carving-fails-9 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Pumpkin Crapping out Pumpkin Pies


Funny Pumpkin Carving - Throwing Up Guacamole Epic Pinterest Fail

Pumpkin Carving – Throwing Up Guacamole


funny pumpkin-carving-fails-92 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Pumpkin Murderer


funny pumpkin-carving-fails-93 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Bert and Ernie Pumpkin Carving


Got one to add to our list? Let us know!


The Most Hilarious Kids Costumes We’ve Seen on Pinterest

It’s getting spooky over here at EPF, and it’s not just all of the scary pumpkin-flavored pins we’ve seen flooding our Pinterest wall. Nope, it’s getting close to Halloween! And we couldn’t be more excited.

We’re doing four gallery collections to celebrate. The first collection is of the funniest Halloween costumes we’ve seen for kids.

Are these pop-culture costume greatness, or should Social Services be called on the parents of these children? You be the judge.

Got one to add to our list? Let us know!

funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-1 Epic Pinterest Fail

Harry & Lloyd “Dumb & Dumber” Halloween Costume



Dwight from The Office Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-2 Epic Pinterest Fail

Chainsaw Chicken Baby Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-4 Epic Pinterest Fail

Garden Gnome Baby Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-5 Epic Pinterest Fail

Homeless Child Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-6 Epic Pinterest Fail

Wilson Volleyball from “Castaway” Baby Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-7 Epic Pinterest Fail

Nacho Libre Kids Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-8 Epic Pinterest Fail

Old Man from “Up” Children’s Costume


funny-kids-costumes-92 Epic Pinterest Fail

Baby Sumo Wrestler Costume


funny-kids-costumes-94 Epic Pinterest Fail

Kip from “Napoleon Dynamite” Children’s Halloween Costume



Mr. T Baby Halloween Costume


funny baby halloween costume Epic Pinterest Fail

Biker Baby Halloween Costume


Of course, if you’re anything like us, then you probably ran out of time to make something creative for your child. Don’t you worry, you terrible parent! It’s not too late to buy a Halloween costume online!

Another Chocolate Covered Strawberry Fail

OK, we get it. This pin looks too delicious and too cool not to attempt:

chocolate covered strawberries

“Make these chocolate covered strawberries in an ice tray. They are portable and easy to take to any picnic.”

Even though we already debunked this one, readers are still sharing their failed attempts with us.

The following photo comes from EP reader Sara P.:

chocolate-covered-strawberries-fail-reader Epic Pinterest Fail

She says: “Chocolate covered strawberries in ice cube trays do not work. The chocolate cracks off when you take them out!

But please, if you try this one, keep sharing your photos with us! We can all collectively smack our heads together:

naked-gun-head-smack Epic Pinterest Fail

Why waste time making this tasteful disaster when you can just buy your own? 12 Celebration Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Caterpillar Hand Paint Craft Fail

The original pin – paint your child’s hands and have them press on a piece of paper to form his or her own Very Hungry Caterpillar:

very-hungry-caterpillar-hand-paint Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Austin Mom’s Blog

… And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

pinterest-fail-caterpillar Epic Pinterest Fail

Not only does it not look anything like a caterpillar – it is also a TOTAL MESS:

pug yolo Epic Pinterest Fail

Do you have a kid’s craft/DIY fail? Let us know!

Spray Paint Mason Jars Fail

We saw this on Pinterest, and the nice people at Pursewna allowed us to re-post. Thank you!

The original pin: use a hot glue gun and matte spray paint to “upcycle” mason jars and vases:

mason-jars-puff-paint-spray Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Pure and Noble

And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

spray-paint-vase-mason-jar-fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Pursewna

Says Pursewna: “Unfortunately I was sloppy – all those little strings that happen when you use a glue gun?  They are VERY noticeable when you spray paint over the top of them.  Boo!  This craft project was a MAJOR FAIL!  Grade:  D-”

It’s totally OK! Remember, in crafting, it’s not the destination. It’s the journey:

soccer-player-futbol-so-close Epic Pinterest Fail

Have a craft fail on your blog? Tell us, and we’re happy to link back!