Cauliflower Fritter Fail

We often see “skinny” recipes on Pinterest, and think “bull shit.” So we were so glad when EPF reader Jackie from Atlanta, GA sent us this one that she tried featuring a frequent skinny recipe ingredient – cauliflower. The original pin:

Cauliflower Fritters on

Click image for original recipe. Author says “Similar to the taste of a potato pancake. Your kids will love them!”

And here’s Jackie’s 4-word review: “It tasted like shit.”

Cauliflower Fritter Fail on

We didn’t try it, but we have to agree … there is no way cauliflower can be a substitute for delicious potatoes. When we think of eating a cauliflower fritter, we can’t help but be all:



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Wine Glass + Chalkboard Paint Fail

The following pin was submitted to us by Beverly in North Carolina. Thanks!

The original pin – chalkboard paint on the base of a wine glass so that guests can personalize their glasses:


Click the image for more information about the original pin.

I thought this seemed like a pretty simple craft – just dip the wine glasses in the chalkboard paint and let them dry. Easy, right? Well, it was, but the hard part was drying the glasses. You can’t set them upright, but you can’t rest them upside down, because the paint runs down the stem and onto the glass.

Luckily, I remembered a souvenir I had from a wine festival – a necklace that holds a wine glass around your neck. I attached this to a shelf to hold the glasses as they dried:

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Fail on

However, the paint still didn’t have that seamless, smooth effect as the original pin. The end result was a tad bit bumpier:

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Fail on

Oh, well. You can still drink out of the glasses, so that’s probably all that really matters!

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass Fail on


EPF Tested: Spider Killer

Here at EPF, we are deathly afraid of creepy crawlies – ants, roaches, slugs, you name it. But the one that seems to plauge the EPF offices the most are spiders. Naturally, we were stoked when we came across the following pin:

Spider Killer on

Simple enough, right? So, we began to assemble ingredients. One cup distilled white “vingar” – check. One teaspoon of canola oil (what we had on hand) – check. One teaspoon Dawn dish soap – check. Now, one cup pepper powder. Pepper powder? What pepper? Black, white, red, habanero … what?? Be specific, Pinterest! We chose red pepper. If it’s spice that keeps the spiders away, then why not choose the spiciest we have in our pantry?

We mixed up all of the ingredients inside an empty cleaning bottle. Since ~2 cups of mix didn’t quite fill up the whole bottle (and we are DAMN determined to keep spidey away), we filled the rest with more vinegar and MORE red pepper.

Voila! Spider Killer:

Homemade Spider Killer on

The mixture was quite thick. Probably because 1+ cup of red pepper powder is a shit ton of pepper powder, and it doesn’t actually dissolve in the vinegar, soap, and oil. It just kind of sits there. We got off a few sprays around the outside of our front door, and then …

Homemade Spider Killer on

The funking sprayer jammed. Soaking it in hot water (like we do with our hairspray in similar situations) didn’t even work. This shit was THICK. And the few sprays we were able to get around the door resembled something of a murder scene, with red blotches scattered across our white door.

Homemade Spider Killer on

Yup, epic fail. Not to mention that EPF’s HQ also reeked of vinegar and spice FOR DAYS.

Anybody need a FULL bottle of useless spider killer? We’ll mail it to ya. We have no idea what to do with this stinky crap. Oh, and we still have a spider problem.