Pinterest Fail Halloween Costume

EPF reader Monica sent us this image – and we couldn’t be more stoked about it!

A Pinterest Fail Halloween costume, including failed dehydrated strawberries, t-shirt cutting, yarn covered flip-flops, braided wavy hair, heart lips, and night eyes:

Pinterest-fail-halloween-costume Epic Pinterest Fail



We love, love, LOVE this costume! Although the costume is a “fail,” we say it’s a giant WIN!

Why didn’t we think of this? Our minds are blown:

mind-blown Epic Pinterest Fail Halloween Costume

Got a funny costume to share? Let us know!

EPF Tested: More Like Spaghetti BEST-ern!

I chose this pin because 1) I suck at baking, and 2) I was for sure this would be a giant, gross, marinara mess.

The original pin: Baked Spaghetti in Garlic Bread

Original source:

First rule of failing at Pinterest: Don’t talk about failing. JK. First rule of failing at Pinterest is to be in an altered state. I started this recipe deep into a bottle of wine (FYI, my boyfriend helped drink the wine, too).

My friend Lauren gave me this hand-wash only glass that says “Drink Up Bitches!” I washed it in the dishwasher. Fail.

Ingredients were super easy: frozen bread dough, pre-made marinara sauce, spaghetti, and cheese.

I tried to roll out the dough, but it was really tough and sticky. I loaded it with flour to make it less sticky, but then (probably because of all of the wine), I had a giant flour mess. My dog Duane was a victim to the mess:

Humans are dumb.

With a little (re: A LOT) of complaining, my boyfriend stepped in and took over the dough responsibilities, working it similar to a pizza dough to get it to spread out. Success!

Then we started filling and folding:

When we finished folding it up, we realized a crucial mistake. We forgot the cheese! RUFKM? Unfold and try again:

Then we put the egg wash on, sprinkle with parm and parsley, and shove our creation in the oven and hope for the best as we polish off that bottle of wine. Thirty minutes later …

… Yeah, I’ll call it that. The cheese mudslide coming out the side isn’t the most pleasing thing to look at, but dern, if it ain’t delicious. We sliced it up and went to town. Could be the alcohol talking, but it was a pretty tasty creation, even if it was essentially a pasta calzone. (Pizza Hut, you can use the term “pasta calzone” for a few grand.)

So, what have we learned? If two drunks who suck at Pinterest can do this, then you can, too!