Hidden Heart Inside Cupcakes Fail

This fail was submitted to us by EPF reader Jamie. Thanks, Jamie!

The original pin — a how-to lesson on baking a heart shape inside your cupcakes:


Source: MadeWithLoveBy.me


And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

hear-baked-inside-cupcake-fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Says Jamie: “I tried. I really did. And I know how to bake … but this was a fail of epic proportions. Not only did I waste HOURS, but I wasted a crap ton of cake cutting out the little hearts. Sad panda! They just came out as pink blobs in the middle. I wanted to scream … but instead I just ate a bunch of my failed cupcake creations.”

Aw, we were hoping this one would work out. Sometimes the only thing to do in these situations is to pour yourself a stiff drink and shake it off:


We’ve seen a few cupcake fails – have any more to share? Let us know!