Brief Hiatus – We’re Beach Bound

Hey, y’all! We’ve got to take a time out from failing at Pinterest to rest our precious minds. We’re going to the beach!

… And we’re so excited, we’re dancing like this:

men-dancing spandex aerobics

We’ll resume as normal in a few days. Meanwhile, why don’t you follow us on Twitter and Facebook? And then submit us a fail to welcome us back to the blogosphere!

Peace, ocean breezes, and failed projects,


We Didn’t Start the Fire: It Was Pinterest

As proven in our earlier post, fire seems to be a “hot” topic for Pinterest fails. (We like puns. We refuse to apologize.)

Twitter follower Rachel Thompson shared her smoke story with us:


Grilled-Cheese-Toaster-Tweet-2 Epic Pinterest Fail

We hadn’t seen this pin before, so we did a little research. Apparently, this stems from the following (or similar) pin:

grilled-cheese-toaster-on-side Epic Pinterest Fail

If you actually click through the pin to the original blog post, it tells you that the pin can be very risky. You MUST clean out your toaster, do a test run first, and never leave from the toaster’s sight.

Which is exactly what this pinner failed to do, resulting in an Epic Pinterest Fail.

Pinterest-Burt-Grilled-Cheese-Toaster Epic Pinterest Fail


The only words that come to us are those of the ever-hilarious Ron Burgundy:

anchorman-Escalated-Quickly Epic Pinterest Fail Will Ferrell

Ever almost burn your house down or cause bodily injury from attempting a pin? Let us know!

How Family Fun Ended in an Epic Fire Fail

Thanks to Lorca Damon for submitting this fail to us on Twitter. Read her original post about this fail on her blog,

The original pin:


And from Lorca:

I have a darling story about Pinterest burning my house down. Those jerks. Well, not all the way down, but there’s a good-sized hole in it. Here’s the evidence for the fire marshal:


Roast marshmallows, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. What’s that burning smell?


Ever do a Pinterest project that makes you feel like Gob from Arrested Development?


… Then we want to hear about it!