People on Tumblr Seriously Hate Pinterest

We dig being social and spreading the failure word, so we were thinking of starting a Tumblr this week to further preach the gospel. Before we create one, we wanted to do a little research as to what people on Tumblr think about Pinterest.

Here’s what they’re saying about us “Pinterest people”:

Haha, I wonder if he puts “fuck” in all of his Google queries, e.g., Where the fuck is Tom Sizemore from? Who the fuck makes the best burger in Iowa City?


Love the hashtag “Annoying as hell”


She doesn’t so much hate Pinterest, just the bitch in her French class. But we just HAD to post this because of the Rupert Grint comment. LOLz.


… And Tumblr is for tweens who like One Direction.


… And Pinterest is annoying Aunt Kathy who you wish would give you an actual Christmas gift instead of something baked or homemade.


Pinterest IS sad. Particularly all of those lame crayon art photos.


#WTF? #Hashtags #Penguins #Kiwi #LFO


Even Brits hate Pinterest!


Ooh, you have a Tumblr! You’re so unique! You and the 28 million other Tumblr blogs!