Played Out on Pinterest – volume 1

Sometimes when we browse through Pinterest, we see the same things or themes over and over and OVER. We can’t help but be all like:

So, here is a list of 5 things we’re currently sick of on Pinterest. We’re titling this vol.1 because we doubt it will be the first and last list of its kind.

1. Chevron patterns

We’re putting out an APB – All Pointy-patterns Banned

2. Mason jars

Howard Hughes used these to pee in.

3. Channing Tatum borderline pornography pics

NSFWOA – Not Safe for Work or Anywhere

4. “Recycled” wooden pallets

Still looks like you plucked it from the Dumpster and slapped it on your wall.

5. Paint chip arts and crafts

“Did you eat paint chips as a child” -Tommy Boy

What things on Pinterest drive you crazy? We’ll add it to our next list and give you a shoutout. Email your frustrations to or submit them to us on Twitter.