Water Marble Nail Fail pt. 2

EPF reader Becca sent us the following fail. Thanks, Becca!

The original pin — water marble nail tutorial:

marble nails original Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: Hey Nice Nails


… And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

water marble nails Epic Pinterest Fail


Says Becca: “Nail art on Pinterest seems so simple, so brilliant. My sister saw this tutorial and got so excited, she decided to try it right away. We had all the confidence that it would work without a hitch.

“My first clue should have been when my sister INSISTED I try it first. My second clue should have been when she suggested that we try the craft out with the nail polishes that weren’t too dear, which led to the lovely combination of purple and orange in the picture. My third clue should have been when my sister told me that we only needed to look at the pictures of the tutorial, no need to read any lengthy descriptions.

“After this lovely result, we decided to actually follow the instructions. It turns out there were a few steps we skipped, like using tape around the nail and pulling the nail up through the water instead of dipping it. Oh well. Nailed it!”


Yes, a key ingredient of failure is lack of preparation! We’re just glad you have a since of humor about it. It’s always good to be able to just laugh it off:



Got a nail fail to share? Let us know!