“Blood” Chocolate Fondue Fountain Fail

The following post was submitted by EPF reader Kristin. Thanks, Kristin!

The original pin — add red food coloring to white chocolate and put in a chocolate fountain for “blood fondue” at Halloween:

halloween-blood-fondue-fountain-bar-original epic pinterest fail

Source: Sugar & Spice by Celeste

halloween-blood-fondue-fountain-bar-original2 epic pinterest fail

Source: Sugar & Spice by Celeste


And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

halloween-blood-fondue-fountain-bar-fail epic pinterest fail


Says Kristin: “I really wanted a fun halloween party this year … I thought the kids would get a kick out of edible chocolate blood! Bought ingredients, mixed, prepared, and it immediately began to fail. The chocolate wouldn’t come though the fountain, so I manually tried to twist it to help it get started, and there was pink chocolate everywhere! I couldn’t get it that deep red color either. The kids wouldn’t eat it … The adults wouldn’t eat it! I thought it’d be a little cheaper than dipping chocolate, but it actually cost more and was a complete waste. Fail!”

Oh no! It seemed like a good idea in theory, but this recipe failed harder than Ryan Seacrest high-fiving a blind man:


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Candy Corn Cupcakes Fail

The following post was submitted to us by Tracy at MadeFromPinterest.net. Be sure to check out their site for other Pinterest fails (and wins!).

The original pin – make chocolate cupcakes and let them cool. Then cut the top out in a funnel shape and layer in the colored frosting:

candy corn cupcakes original pinterest

Source: SugarTurntable.com


And the Epic Pinterest Fail:

candy-corn-cupcakes-fail Epic Pinterest Fail

Says Tracy: “Everything was going fine until I went to cut the cupcakes. When the first one didn’t turn out, I decided the knife I was using wasn’t sharp enough. So, I got out one of my ‘expensive’ knives thinking that was the problem. Five cupcakes later, I ended up with the same results on every one. All the colors ran together as I cut down through the cupcake. Although they tasted great not one ended up looking like the original pin!”

Nothing like a good food fail to ruin your day:


… But there’s always another pin waiting, and if and when that one fails, be sure to take a photo and send it to us!

Pinterest Fail Halloween Costume

EPF reader Monica sent us this image – and we couldn’t be more stoked about it!

A Pinterest Fail Halloween costume, including failed dehydrated strawberries, t-shirt cutting, yarn covered flip-flops, braided wavy hair, heart lips, and night eyes:

Pinterest-fail-halloween-costume Epic Pinterest Fail

Source: http://pinterest.com/sweetscoot/pinterest-fail/


We love, love, LOVE this costume! Although the costume is a “fail,” we say it’s a giant WIN!

Why didn’t we think of this? Our minds are blown:

mind-blown Epic Pinterest Fail Halloween Costume

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Our Favorite Adult Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!

If you are a true Epic Pinterest Failure, then you probably are a lot like us and often wait until the last possible minute. So, for those of you out there in need of last-minute ideas for a Halloween costume, we’d like to share the following photo collection.

Here are some of our favorite and funniest Halloween costumes for adults that we’ve spotted on Pinterest in the last month or so. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do:

LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-93 funny halloween costume

Pedestrian during Hurricane Sandy


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-1 funny Halloween costume

Mr. Garrison from South Park


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-3 funny Halloween costume

Knitted Viking Beard


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-4 funny Halloween costumes

Painter Bob Ross and a Happy Little Tree. Source: HappinessIsBlog.com


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-5 funny Halloween costume

Half and Half Hall & Oates Costume


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-6 funny Halloween costume

Jack Daniels & a Pack of Marlboro Reds



LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-7 funny Halloween costume

DIY Pinterest Board. Source: PartiesForPennies


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-8 funny Halloween costume

Price Is Right Contestant


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-9 funny Halloween costume

Publisher’s Clearing House Winners. Source: AskAnnaMoseley.com


LOL-adult-halloween-costumes-91 funny Halloween costumes

Red Solo Cups

Since we’re sharing with you, won’t you share with us?

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Check out our other awesome Halloween photo collections:

Sexy (but Stupid) Halloween Costumes

This message brought to you by the EPF Soapbox.

It’s Halloween. Time for pumpkin carving, kids trick-or-treating in cute costumes, and … chicks walking around in slutty outfits? Why yes, nothing says “festival of the dead” quite like dressing up like a sexy kitten.

But our real issue isn’t the skin-baring outfits. Flaunt it if you got it, honey. Our issue is with the women who, instead of going for full-on sex like a Playboy bunny or a French maid, instead opt for a “creative” excuse to bare all. It leaves us confused. Just WTH is sexy about hot sauce, Sesame Street, or corn? CORN?!?

See for yourself:

stupid but sexy Halloween costume Epic Pinterest Fail

If you’re going as a sexy highway, might as well wear a road sign that says “Slippery When Wet”


stupid but sexy Halloween costumes Epic Pinterest Fail

“Hot” and “Fire” can be euphemisms for sexy. But “Mild”? We feel sorry for the girl who gets “mild.”


Stupid by sexy halloween costume Epic Pinterest fail

An eyepatch and a skanky dress does not a pirate make.


Stupid by sexy halloween costume Epic Pinterest fail

Is it just us, or does this look more like sexy Cabbage Patch Doll with a knife instead of sexy Chuckie? Probably just us.


Stupid by sexy halloween costume Epic Pinterest fail

Sexy kangaroo costume – just be prepared for tons of douche bags to ask to get in your “pocket”


Stupid by sexy halloween costume Epic Pinterest fail

Again, prepare for douche bags asking you all night “Is there an app for THIS??” and pointing to their pants


Stupid by sexy Halloween costumes Epic Pinterest Fail

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Wait, where’s sexy Splinter?


Stupid by sexy Halloween costumes Epic Pinterest Fail

Wrong. Just wrong.


Stupid by sexy Halloween costumes Epic Pinterest Fail

What’s next? Sexy turnip? Sexy kale? Sexy parsnip?


C’mon ladies. Let’s do better this year. You’re making us weep for the future:

diane-keaton-crying-computer GIF sexy halloween costumes

Seen a sexy (but stupid) costume? Submit it to us, or share in the comments below!

Pumpkin WIN!

Not all pumpkin carvings are Epic Pinterest Pumpkin Fails!

For our second Halloween photo collection, we’ve collected the following gallery of Epic Pumpkin Wins. We call them “pumpkwins.” We hope you’ll call them entertaining:

pumpkin-carving-fails-1 Halloween Pinterest Fail

Funny Pumpkin Carving – Pumpkin Giving Birth


pumpkin-carving-fails-3 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Zombie Pumpkin Carving


pumpkin-carving-fails-4 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Funny Pumpkin Carving – Monster Pumpkin


pumpkin-carving-fails-5 Epic Pinterest Fail Halloween

Funny Pumpkin Carving – Mooning Pumpkin


pumpkin-carving-fails-6 Epic Pinterest Fail Halloween

Leg-eating Zombie Pumpkin


pumpkin-carving-fails-8 Funny Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Flasher Pumpkin Carving


funny pumpkin-carving-fails-9 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Pumpkin Crapping out Pumpkin Pies


Funny Pumpkin Carving - Throwing Up Guacamole Epic Pinterest Fail

Pumpkin Carving – Throwing Up Guacamole


funny pumpkin-carving-fails-92 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Pumpkin Murderer


funny pumpkin-carving-fails-93 Halloween Epic Pinterest Fail

Bert and Ernie Pumpkin Carving


Got one to add to our list? Let us know!


The Most Hilarious Kids Costumes We’ve Seen on Pinterest

It’s getting spooky over here at EPF, and it’s not just all of the scary pumpkin-flavored pins we’ve seen flooding our Pinterest wall. Nope, it’s getting close to Halloween! And we couldn’t be more excited.

We’re doing four gallery collections to celebrate. The first collection is of the funniest Halloween costumes we’ve seen for kids.

Are these pop-culture costume greatness, or should Social Services be called on the parents of these children? You be the judge.

Got one to add to our list? Let us know!

funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-1 Epic Pinterest Fail

Harry & Lloyd “Dumb & Dumber” Halloween Costume



Dwight from The Office Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-2 Epic Pinterest Fail

Chainsaw Chicken Baby Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-4 Epic Pinterest Fail

Garden Gnome Baby Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-5 Epic Pinterest Fail

Homeless Child Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-6 Epic Pinterest Fail

Wilson Volleyball from “Castaway” Baby Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-7 Epic Pinterest Fail

Nacho Libre Kids Halloween Costume


funny-kids-children-halloween-costumes-8 Epic Pinterest Fail

Old Man from “Up” Children’s Costume


funny-kids-costumes-92 Epic Pinterest Fail

Baby Sumo Wrestler Costume


funny-kids-costumes-94 Epic Pinterest Fail

Kip from “Napoleon Dynamite” Children’s Halloween Costume



Mr. T Baby Halloween Costume


funny baby halloween costume Epic Pinterest Fail

Biker Baby Halloween Costume


Of course, if you’re anything like us, then you probably ran out of time to make something creative for your child. Don’t you worry, you terrible parent! It’s not too late to buy a Halloween costume online!